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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mommy Fell Apart

I hear him playing...his different voices
                                                               his giggling

         his contented play...............then he

This seasoned mom knows it isn't a hurt scream, no blood, not an emergency....but what?  So I ask, "what is wrong?"

In his character voice he says, "it is him screaming!"


                   Because his Mommy fell apart!!!

I burst out laughing as I glanced on the mommy now with her parts spread across the floor....I know how she feels at times.  Notice her arms of surrender.  I know that position well, I am using it a lot with my adult children...I give,  you know better, I surrender.  She does still has her ears in place with nice green shoes, but she is in for a "make-over".

The potato head son....well he put her back together.

What do you think?  I think that sums it up for most of us moms....there are just days that we can't see straight and this entering menopause mother is starting to also have a beard!
Now where are my glasses?

Have a great day....I hope you don't lose any parts!  My Simple Pleasure....Child's Play.
;Project Simple Pleasures2

Prayers are being lifted for all the ones who were affected by the horrible storms here in the South...from Texas up, prayers for the loss of life (200 at this count) and property.  I will not blog the rest of this week so I can spend time in prayer.

48 Joining in with more words:

Debbie said...

Oh Janette I am smiling soo big over here. Just how I like to start my day. Yes, us mom's do fall apart on occasion don't we? haha...And yes, isn't menapause wonderful? love it, haha...I've been known to search for glasses only to realize they are on top of my head where I pushed them. Or they are falling of the tip of my nose driving my grandkids wild, haha...Have a wonderful day over there Janette, and ENJOY that sweetr boy! HUGS

JillAileenJones said...

LOL!!! THIS JUST CRACKED ME UP! Yes, I too can relate, more days then not I feel like the Mrs. Potato Head with her arms up and her face not on and I love the shoes, I am a shoe girl. I have a nite gown that says, "Life if short, wear cute shoes." :) I hope my mustache never gets quite that fuzzy though. lol
Hope you have a blessed day-potatoes sound good-maybe dinner?! lol

Angel said...

What a sweet and thoughtful post. So much can be learned from "childs play". Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - this was precious!

I know those feelings...today is one of those days :)


Lisa said...

Little boys love their action figures, don't they? LOL! Thank goodness you could put Mommy Potato Head together again!

Heart n Soul said...

ha ha ...loved this. So very very cute :)

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

This is the "CUTEST THING EVER"!!! as a girl I wanted Mr Potato head SO BAD, BUT in my day they didn't come with a plastic potato, you were to punch those eyes, nose and mouth into a REAL POTATO and I know my Mom had VISIONS of our supper in my toys and it horrified her,hehe!
I TOTALLY understand now! I LOVE your header and PICTURE of my favorite lady LUCY!!!
Have a wonderful week,

Shanda said...

This is just so cute. Next time I fall apart, I will remember this and laugh. And I will remember I can be put back together again!

Cindy said...

Hilarious! Kind of looks like I feel at times.

Theresa said...

So funny! Thanks for the smile this morning.

Farm Girl said...

That is so funny, I bet you sat and laughed. That is one of the simple pleasures, a little kid playing. Have a great day.

Amy said...

I love this! Thank you for the laugh and thoughts. I had a day like that yesterday...probably today too! ha. Blessings!

Cora said...

Oh how I can relate!! I throw my hands up in surrender!! Too cute!

Thanks for all the prayers for hurting people...lost lives, lost homes...etc. Alabama was hit hard but we were spared...Praise the Lord.
Take care and blessings to you!

Cecilia Marie said...

I remember those disjointed days, still have one once in awhile even though I no longer have kids at home. Great post. I'll neve look at the Potato Head toys in the same way......

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

There are a few parts I would like to loose! he he

What a great word picture from your little guy's play. Out of the mouth of babes comes great lessons for us!

♥Lee Ann

Debi said...

You too?!?

Sandy said...

Sometimes I am a fall-apart-mom
too. We all are. Thank the Lord
that He is the One who made us
and can put us all back together
again. Sweet post, Janette. I
enjoyed it.
(Yes, in prayer for all who were
in the storm's path...)

A multi-dimensional life said...

Found my glasses! Loved your post!
:) you always make me chuckle!
On a serious note, I'm joining you in prayer for all those suffering from the terrible storms.


Ms.Daisy said...

This was so cute - I loved hearing my kids at play because sometimes I could "hear" myself in their playtalk! Yes, the tornado stricken areas of our country need a lot of prayer.


Marsha Young said...

Janette - We are soooo having the same day/week. I mean I am so desperate for a bright-side to focus on, that I posted today that at least our dog doesn't have fleas! :)

Blessings to you - Marsha

Dayle said...

Janette, this made me laugh out loud. I'm still laughing.

Karen said...

Enjoyed reading your post, BUT A BIG HUG & THANKS FOR PRAYER! Our home was untouched, tornado turned about 3 miles south of us. Three people lost their lives 5 miles from me. PRAYER REQUEST: Friends in North MS, have a family member who is still missing! The tornados occurred yesterday afternoon. I know everyone is hearing about Tuscaloosa, but please pray for those hearts who are hurting in other locations too.

Susan Evans said...

Fun pictures! And very appropriate metaphor for motherhood...

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

"His mommy fell apart!" Wow. Has that described me a couple of hundred times over the years...

I loved this.

And I love even more your reminder to pray in light of the tornado devastation. Thanks.

Joan said...

Janette - I think of Humpty Dumpty...all the kings horses.

My prayers also go out to those whose lives were affected by the storns.

Rebecca said...

So funny, Janette!

In addition to the storms, we've been having a lot of illness--heart attacks, etc. Sudden and unexpected.

Maria said...

Hi Janette!
Oh this was great! Just perfect for "these days" with this mom ;o)
I love the "arms of surrender!"
I'm glad my boys called Sue... Janette, thank you so much for helping us! I need to write Sue tonight and thank her too! Chris showed me pics of the new apt and it's so nice! They are out tonight and just got a great deal on a floor model Simmons mattress set! I'm so grateful for all the nice people that God has placed along the way ~ You and Sue, being two of them! I will always be grateful ♥
Blessings always, Maria

Maria said...

ps. Chris got to see the pianos... I think they saw them last weekend on the Saturday before Easter. It sounds amazing!

Christine said...

It's funny when we can see ourselves in the everyday things.
You have captured this moment with such great humor.

Sue said...

Just to cute Janette, and I am still laughing as I type. I too have been growing a beard, and just wait when the mane starts falling out. ~LOL~OH how I relate to surrender!.
As always such a joy to visit.

Jessica Heights said...

LOL!! I can relate!

Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

Yep..my boys have seen their mum fall apart a time or two lol!!
Such a fun post, Janette :-)
I am praying for all who are suffering because of the tornados..

no spring chicken said...

This was terrific! Yes I recognized her all too well...

I miss the antics of a little boy. My little boy is 24! He used to make stop action movies with his Mr. Potato Head. Never did do an episode where mommy falls apart. Maybe that would have been too close to home...

Blessings, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Janette, I love this post and I'm a big fan of Mr. Potato Head. Miss the days mine would play with it for hours. My little boy is now 21. But, he's very artistic so I'm sure he'd still play with Mr. Potato if you gave him one.

Thanks for sharing. Took this mama back a few.

Enjoy your day.

Crickit said...

Wonderful Post!! I love the end where you can't find your glasses! I am right there with you!

Thanks for this bit of Joy today!

So, I Begin this Journey...... said...

OMGOSH.... from this Potato Head Mom to another..... your son just described me- this entire month! Or has it been year? LOL!
Very very cute!!

Thanks for sharing- especially with the visuals!


Sharon said...

Oh Janette - I couldn't help laughing so much at this one! Yes, though my kids are out of the house, I still feel like Mrs. Potato Head on a regular basis.

The surrender arms? Oh yeah, been there, doing that.

As for the menopause beard and glasses?? Just wait for the sweat-stained armpits, and the dry wrinkly skin. All in all, menopause is just one big beauty fest...

But, God still loves this old potato head - and He loves you, too!!

xo :)

~Chris said...

Hi Janette, Maria said you posted on the piano's in Austin... I was there and they are wonderful!! I saw all sorts of people playing.. some very good. Have loved my stay in Austin. Jason is in a good city full of happy people.
Blessings ~Chris

Jo said...

I've had those days!! And sometimes Mrs Pototo Head can turn into mash potato!

All my friend ( well three of them) have or are going through menopause so I have heard all the stories they have shared with me. It isn't something I am looking forward to as all three have had big problems.

Have a lovely weekend

Maria said...

Hi Janette!
I just read you post on the pianos! It's wonderful to see this and your beautiful family!
What an exciting place Austin must be! Here in NY, we could never leave pianos out like that!
I'm heartened by the fact that all those who gathered 'round your family that day heard music PRAISING THE LORD!
Their hearts must have been singing!
God bless you and your family!
Wishing you a sweet Saturday ~ Maria

Mevely317 said...

Oh, now I'm missing my own "little" (41 y/o) boy!
I sense yours is blessed with a sweet imagination?
Have so enjoyed spending time this morning "exploring" your blog, Janette ... and look forward to coming back!

Debbie said...

Although I am not a mom, I hear what you're saying. There are moments when I feel like I'm falling apart too. Some days I know it's the Lord holding me up.

I love your sense of humor Janette!

Blessings and love,

Carol said...

I can so relate, Janette! With the parenting and the surrendering and the physical changes.
I've decided that one reason why we need reading glasses to see things close up is so that we can see all our aging changes so easily.
I turn 50 !! this week. Noticed I had old lady skin on my calves yesterday. Yay. Plus the other changes you mentioned. Lovely.

Melanie said...

You made me laugh! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come back tomorrow for Day One of "31 Days Closer to a Cuter You!"

Mom said...

Very funny! My kids got some new potato heads for Easter and they have been driving me crazy leaving the little pieces all over the floor. Ever step on one of those?

myletterstoemily said...

mr. potato head is very wise.

we, too, are praying for the poor, poor
people in the south. such devastation.
Lord, have mercy.

Debbie said...

This one is so funny and so SPOT ON!!! This mommy potato head is falling about too, and when I try to put myself back together again, I'm pretty much upside down.

And don't EVEN get me started on the beard...

elizabeth said...

I think this is the number one favorite simple pleasure I've ever read...the mommy fell apart! LOVE IT!!!

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