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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Preparing for the Greatest Love Gift

 I am continuing to prepare my children and myself for the cross.  The greatest love gift ever given and the victory that comes from the Risen Lord becomes my daily focus.

I go and pull out our banner that reminds us of the road to the cross.  In early parenthood, my husband bought me the book, "Family Celebrations: Meeting Christ in Your Holidays" by Ann Hibbard.  She gives the instructions for making the banner and devotionals for the road to Calvary. We start at the fall and continue through the Bible reading God's redemptive story.  We finish with the victory of the empty grave.

On Easter morning we flip over the banner and go through the house shouting,  "He Has Risen".  The flip side shows Jesus with his hands open wide having conquered the grave.   Praise and Worship music fills the air.

Along this journey to the cross, we also read other books that remind us of the sacrifice that Jesus made for our sins.  Each child was given a book for Easter and they are enjoyed by all. (2011 my personal focus has been on the different personalities of the disciples...how I am like them, doubting and denying)

Since passover season usually arrives during this time, we also celebrate the Feast of Passover, like Jesus celebrated.  We learn about seeing Christ in the Seven Jewish Feasts.  Some years, we fully celebrate the feasts and at other times, we merely read about them.

This year I will read "the greatest story ever told" to Benjamin from his new Bible.  The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name by Sally Lloyd-Jones. This Bible is for ages 0-9, one of the best I have ever used with my children.

As I guide my children to the cross, I will also examine my walk with the Lord.  "Taste and See" by John Piper is helping me see my Saviour in a more intimate way. (This is a re-post from last year so this year I am going through Bread and Wine.)

As we enjoy spring, we also anticipate the EMPTY GRAVE!!!

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Embracing the Season of Resurrection Life.

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eLisa said...

What great intentionality! I'm inspired and will look into those resources. You should come back by Extravagant Grace and leave a link in the Celebrating Lent posts to share with others!

I'm glad, too, to share the Contagious Joy journey. Your comment was a fresh reminder to me about this commitment! Thanks!

Blessings, extravagantly!

no spring chicken said...

I love it all! I love the continuity that God provided in His master plan. I love the continuity that He instructed us to keep. I love the traditions that you have established! I love your post. Very inspiring...
I too am looking forward to celebrating Resurrection Sunday but I have never had a preparation tradition. My blog friends are adding a new richness to my limited knowledge. Thank you!
Blessings, Debbie

Angel @ Finding The Inspiring said...

I admire how you are passing on this zeal for the things of God to your children. And I'm grateful for the resources you have shared to help us all prepare our hearts for the celebration of "the greatest love gift" the world has ever known. Blessings!

Sandy said...

Oh, the empty grave and the victory
won! How blessed, happy and fortunate
we are when we belong to Him!
Train up a child in the way he should

LDH said...

Wonderful and God-honoring focus through this season. Thanks for sharing!

Sue said...

Janette, preparing yourself and your children for this most blessed season is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give them. I am reminded of the scripture Pro. 31:28.... where her children rise up and call her blessed. I am truly touched.

Debbie said...

Yay!! Now I see it, and I love it. I miss having children around the house to prepare for Easter. That doesn't mean that I can't prepare myself and do my best long distance for them.

I love your ideas, Janette, especially the Jewish feasts. That's just excellent.

Well done.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Well done. Well done. blessings ~ tanna

Vee said...

You always share your great resources. That is truly wonderful. I am delighted for your family's joy in that empty tomb. Easter's story may begin with the events culminating on the cross. Mercifully, it doesn't end there.

Lorie@The Midlife Housewife said...

You are a great mom! I almost want to have another baby so I can use your activities...almost.

I admire your commitment to the Lord and your family.


Debbie said...

What a perfect way to prepare for Easter!! I LOVE it. I think your kids are blessed indeed! HUGS

Theresa said...

Love it! I remember reading about your Passover Dinner last year and enjoying it. I will have to go back and reread.

Lisa said...

I love all your family traditions! I can see you all running through the house screaming,"He is risen!". I like to make the resurrection cookies. That always was a big hit at my house.

Farm Girl said...

I have that banner too. We did it when the kids were younger. I love the Jesus is Risen the best. I even liked to keep it up too. Did you make the eggs in the egg carton too. I still use mine every year and it is really cool to get to do it with our grand kids.
I love all of those books too.
I am glad you posted again because the Winnie the Pooh showed up but not this one.
I don't think it is you though. My blogs I follow haven't been updating either.

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

OH, some of these resources I haven't heard of and think they would be great for the Grans. I will look them up and order them. I do have the Resurrection Eggs for them and at 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 they will definitely enjoy those and they tell the Easter Story so creatively. Thanks for such an inspiring post! Blessings!

Small Wonders said...

I love your pictures and your post great job!!!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Have added your recommendation to my Amazon wish list and will order tonight- THANKS! Sarah was just asking for a new Bible as she thinks the one she has is too short and childish. I appreciate all the suggestions and ideas you offer. The video by your pastor is still a favorite of mine that I return to often!

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