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Friday, January 21, 2011

Watering with Prayer

As I continue  seeding  my new garden, I look to the most important nutritional source for growth...water.  Without water we all perish, so I am gathering my watering bucket to nourish my newly planted seeds. Watering with the power of  Holy Spirit guided prayer.  Only prayer will bring forth the harvest in my life that I am seeking.

The blogging world  ignited a fire in many areas of my life.  Pray flames  burst forth from my blogging. God fanned my passion for intercession again through visits to many blogs and emails I have received. Lifting others before the throne of God, as He places them on my heart, has become second nature.

A passionate blaze for my family arose through prayer.  I began praying through Stormie Ormartian The Power of Praying for your Adult Children.  In November I joined Dianne at Everything Else Thrown In for A Legacy of Prayer...praying for your decedents.   Dianne's 30 days of prayer were life giving and inspiring.

Today I leave you with a prayer from Taste and See by John Piper.  As I water my garden with the Holy Spirit guided prayer I will be posting prayers that I have read and lifted before the Lord.  Thanks to so many of you who have allowed me to enter your world and pray for you. I have also been blessed by your prayers for my family and I as well.

Oh, Lord, by the truth of your Word, and your Word, and the power of your Spirit and 
the ministry of your body build men and women in the Body of Christ.
Who don't love the world more than God,
who don't care if they make much money,
who don't care if they own a home,
who don't care if they have a new car or two cars,
who don't need recent styles,
who don't miss steak or fancy fare,
who don't expect that life should be comfortable and easy,
who don't feed their minds on TV each night,
who don't measure truth with their fingers in the wind,
who don't get paralyzed by others' disapproval,
who don't hold grudges,
who don't gossip,
who don't twist the truth,
who don't brag or boast,
who don't whine or use body language to get pity,
who don't criticize more than praise,
who don't hang out in cliques,
who don't eat too much or exercise too little;
who are ablaze for God,
who are utterly God-besotted,
who are filled with the Holy Spirit,
who strive to know the height and depth of Christ's love,
who are crucified to the world and dead to sin,
who are purified by the Word and addicted to righteousness,
who are mighty in memorizing and using the Scriptures,
who keep the Lord's Day holy and refreshing,
who are broken by the consciousness of sin,
who are thrilled by the wonder of free grace,
who are stunned into humble silence by the riches of God's glory,
who are persevering constantly in prayer,
who are ruthless in self-denial,
who are fearless in public witness to Christ's lordship,
who are able to unmask error and blow away doctrinal haze,
who are tough in standing for the truth,
who are tender in touching hurting people,
who are passionate about reaching the peoples who have no church,
who are pro-life for the sake of babies and moms and dads and the glory of God,
who are content with what they have and trusting the promises of God,
who are patient and kind and meek when life is hard.

26 Joining in with more words:

myletterstoemily said...

hi janette!

prayer is certainly the battle cry. it's
amazing how the Lord is calling us to
contend in the Spirit.

i spent all day wednesday compiling
"a mother's prayers" notebook and then
saw the perfect one on another blog. i
could have just bought it. :)

oh well, it did me good to type out all
those scriptures.

blessings on your day, sweet friend.

A multi-dimensional life said...

Oh, Yes! Love this prayer so much!
Thank you! I feel so blessed today to have stopped by to read this!

I pray this with you! I also pray that God continue to bless others with your gift of communication and your obedience to Him!

Keep shining, sweet daughter of the King!

Sandy said...

I hear and love the truth you
are declaring here today,
Janette. I also love this
prayer. I am so thankful to
God that I am on the receiving
end and benefiting from your
sincere prayers of intercession
for my family and me.
Bless you!

e-Mom said...

It's wonderful that you're called to intercede, Janette. I wish I was a prayer warrior too. God will use you mightily. Lift me up in prayer now and then, would you?

Have a wonderful weekend (on your knees?)

e-Mom ღ

Jo said...

I love that prayer you have included and how true. Prayer keeps me going each day, I think I would fall apart without prayer and faith that the Lord God is with me.

Sonja said...

This is HUGE to me Janette! Prayer was the main focus of my dad's ministry, and I grew up with that emphasis in our home. I was a late bloomer, but I am a firm believer in the value of prayer. It has become my running conversation through all of life.

I LOVE this post!! You are preaching it sister! :)

Theresa said...

Beautiful prayer! Thank you for all of your prayers. Have a wonderful weekend Janette!

Karen said...

I love it girl.. thank you so much for sharing that..it is very touching and so so real..

Shelley said...

Wow what an inspired prayer - it truly takes the spirit to make a person all those things.

Lea said...

I never cease to be amazed at the depth of inspiration I receive through my "blogging buddies." What a beautiful, beautiful prayer. Thanks for enriching my soul.

Joyful blessings!

Farm Girl said...

That is so good. I think that is a awesome prayer. That is the one of the things I should do is be on my knees more than I am now for my children and grandchildren. Thanks for the lovely reminder.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

What a beautiful prayer. I love the correlation to a garden in your recent posts. You are a breath of fresh air my friend!
Have a wonderful weekend :-)

Anonymous said...


Prayer is something that I struggle with, but you are right, without it, there is not much hope for us.

-Lady Rose

lioneagle said...

Hi Janette -

Thank you for this precious piece and prayer.

I noticed you on Sharon's blog and was inspired by your comments under her EN - couragement post.

Thank you for your fire for our Lord.

Debbie said...

Powerful, powerful prayer! I felt as if I was in church nodding and "Amening" to myself as I read it. And all the while was so convicted that those words IN THEIR ENTIRETY could and would be said of me.

I was especially convicted by this one:

"who don't get paralyzed by others' disapproval,"

Debbie said...

You have certainly prayed for me and ministered to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm so glad the Lord is using you to touch many others too. :)

What a beautiful prayer. I want to be one of those people too. I want to have a heart for the things of God and for people.

Love you,

Stacy said...

So blessed to know you! Many battles are fought on our knees, how quickly we forget that as all we want to do, is "do" instead of be....still, broken, and humbled through prayer.

Amy said...

Oh how wonderful are your words and his words. Thank you! Stormie Omartian's books have been such a blessing to us too. I thank God for her insight and for you friend.

What a blessing He has brought us all together to know each other and learn and be encouraged by one another. Blessings on your day sister!

Trisha said...

Wonderfully encouraging post, Janette! The more I learn about prayer the more I learn I don't know much. How thankful I am God is so patient with me! God bless you for blessing so many with your faithfulness in prayer! Hugs!

Carol said...

Love your heart in this post! I, too have felt the same way. This, I find, is one of the very best things about blogging. (intercession) What a blessing.

partialemptynester said...

So with ya on this one! I've found that I'm not necessarily in the blogging world to write my own posts, but to read others and intercede for them...I love prayer, as well...Stormie OMartian taught me how to pray for my husband over the past two decades...I look forward to using her model to pray over my adult children as we transition into that stage soon enough. It's been fun realizing our connection outside the blogging world, thank you for being a part of my finding purpose inside the blogging world ;)

Shelia said...

Hi Janette! Oh, this is a wonderful post! There is nothing like prayer and I pray I can be all that your quote says. I fail so often but I'm so grateful for God's love and forgiveness! I can get up and go on!
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sue said...

What an Awesome prayer janette, and like you blogging has ignited a fire within me too, I count it such a privilege to pray for my newfound friends whom I have never nor will probably meet this side of heaven.
There have been times when I have thought about leaving blogging but for some reason I couldn't , I find when needs are given and asked for, that during the day and even at night i find myself thinking and praying for them.
As always thank you for lifting my spirit.

Lisa said...

Hi Janette!
So nice to meet you! We do have a lot in common! Except I'm older than you. 53 this year in Nov. OUCH.:)
Great post at Lea's!

Rebecca said...

Not only 'cause it's Piper....but 'cause it is the burden of my heart and expressed so well....AMEN!

JillAileenJones said...

You need to stop over to my blog-I have nominated you for an award. Love you and your blog.

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