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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Mother of My Precious Husband...She is 95!!!

Saturday we celebrated my Mother-in-Law's 95th Birthday.  A milestone many of us will never see.  As we gathered around to enjoy her life, I couldn't help but compare her walk on this earth with mine.   Appreciating the fact that God had given her to me as an example, not just a relative, shows that I too have grown in my walk on this earth.

She wouldn't win the most children award....she  had two children 13 years apart.  She didn't understand how full my arms could be while raising four under age 7, but she always encouraged with "don't work too hard."  She excitedly welcomed our announcement at ages 52 and 44 that we were having our sixth child.

She raised two children who have always walked with the Lord and set shining examples of Christ before their children and grandchildren.

She lived a debt-free life...yes, DEBT-FREE.  She and her husband paid cash for every purchase they made...even two houses, while living on one income.  He didn't possess a high paying job, nor did they inherit money, but they knew the value of being content.

Because of this debt-free life, they did and she still does help financially with her children and grandchildren.  The scripture talks about this kind of inheritance...I have seen it first hand.

She didn't home school.  

She didn't have home births....

yet, she supported me when I chose to do both with her grandchildren.  She did threaten to have an ambulance parked outside my house on our first home birth....and she was disappointed that none of our children played in the high school band.  She, however,  become one of my greatest supporters.

She never lived life with full-time stress, as has become the norm for most people today.  Simplicity was her mantra or maybe just pure contentment with nothing to prove to others....something can be learned from that.

She walked the journey of seeing her husband's face blown apart through an accident...standing by his side through numerous surgeries and then loving him tenderly through Alzheimer's disease.  I still remember him chasing her down the hall with a love pat and they were in their 80's.

She calls everyday and keeps up with everyone.  You can ask at anytime how her family is and she can tell you in great detail what is happening in each of their lives.  She also prays for us daily and will call with a Bible verse to encourage us in our Christian walk.
She has never missed one of her grandchildren's events, even though we moved four hours away 12 years ago. She will still make the journey to support and cheer every accomplishment.  Birthdays are still remembered and cherished, as each child receives their annual gift, arriving just on the day of their birth.

She is independent and has lived on her own since her husband's passing to glory 15 years ago.  He would be so proud of her.

She continues to walk out her faith.  She will still invite the newest neighbor to church, while attending herself.  Her large print Bible is continuously open and read.

Her world has been very different from mine (mine not necessarily better) but in the most valuable lessons in life, she has spoken well.  Her priorities are her God and her family.  The world never crept in and stolen from either of these priorities.

I salute my mother-in-law.  She has taught me more than I can read in a book just through the way she has chosen to live her life.  Isn't that the real answer....chosen?  I am sure my appreciation has only come through the many years of marriage, but I am glad I have learned.

This past Mother's Day, it was she who called to tell me what a wonderful mother I was and how proud she was of me..................and she loved me.  What more could I ask from my mother-in-law who set the example before me?

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JillAileenJones said...

Have I told you lately how much I love your blog! This was so good. My grandmother turned 96 on May 4th. I look at her and can't imagine all that she has seen changed over her lifetime.
It really is amazing-their lives and what they did and did without. I feel like I can never complain.
She told me once she only wanted 2 kids (she had 4 my mom being the baby) so I said why did you have 4 kids then grandma and she said well honey we didn't have birth control then! lol Ok, didn't think of that. Glad they didn't because my mother nor I would be here. lol
Hope you had a wonderful celebration with her and that she has many more wonderful birthdays to come.
She sounds like an awesome lady.
Happy Sunday!

Theresa said...

What a great post showing honor to your mother-in-law. Sounds like she had a terrific birthday.

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

There are not enough words to tell you how much this post blessed me. What a beautiful tribute to your dear Mother in love, You both are so blessed to have each other, it seems her love for you is mutual.
You have a beautiful family too, Thank you for sharing this very special day.

myletterstoemily said...

dear janette,

what a treasure your mother in law
is! you are a wise woman to esteem
her so.

i started a piece on my own m.i.l
and though it's very different than
yours, i share the same respect and


So, I Begin this Journey...... said...

I absolutely love this post....it made me cry and smile.
Your Mother-in-law sounds like a wonderful woman- I too am lucky to have such a wonderful Mother (in law) ~

Your family is beautiful....and you are very blessed.


Sonja said...


How blessed you all are! I love that you know it... there is nothing like these precious ones who have lived longer and who have walked faithfully. They are our trail blazers and they have set the bar high!

Love this... love her!

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine being so beautiful at 95? And being surrounded by such a beautiful and handsome family! I'm glad you all had a good day!


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine being so beautiful at 95? And being surrounded by such a beautiful and handsome family! I'm glad you all had a good day!


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

What a blessing to have this wonderful and godly woman in your life. Happy Belated Birthday to her!

Deb said...

This is one of the sweetest posts I've ever read! It reminded me so much of my Mother in Law. Our path was a little different, but she was a constant in my life. I "lost" her first to divorce when my husband left and again in May when she passed away suddenly. Even though she is no longer here physically, I can still feel her encouragement and wisdom for the many years of a life well lived. I'd say we have both been blessed! Thanks so much for sharing.

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