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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Familiar Place - New Inspiration

Fredricksburg, Texas is the Bed and Breakfast captial of the Hill Country.  The city holds fond memories for my husband and I.  Many day trips have been spent there, as well as milestone events celebrated at Bed and Breakfast Inns.  While returning to our stomping grounds during our anniversary we took off for Fredricksburg.  Memories of the past were enjoyed, while new creative inspirations were gathered.  Strolling down through this city with camera in hand, I returned with ideas to copy on a lower budget.
The city welcomes you with Sunflowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Know for their crops of peaches we had to bring home a sack full to enjoy, therefore peach cobbler.
I loved this soup tureen....not in my budget at this time.  Went the following weekend to a garage sale...$3.00
Mine is a little smaller...but we are downsizing....sorry older ones we won't be using this when you come.
I loved this suitcase and the idea of putting a collection into the suitcase
My suitcase find came at a neighbor's garage sale....$7.00 and my vintage photo collection, free, the pictures are of our family.

My next adventure is finding a piece like this to stencil myself....this piece sells for $3000.00!!!
 An older chair and ottoman to reupholster like this one....I am on the hunt.

So long Fredricksburg, your atmosphere was wonderful, your homemade chocolate was divine, your memories always embedded in my soul....hope to see you before another decade passes.

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JillAileenJones said...

Hello friend. Great photos of Fredericksburg! Back in May I went with my friend Donna here and the kids-we wanted to get wildflower pictures on the way and we did-it was so beautiful. The only problem when we got there was my 2 year old got sick to her tummy and we walked around for about an hour and a half and turned around and had to drive 3 hours back with her sick! lol Made for some memories-I have to have about it cause that day I really wanted to cry. What I got to see was beautiful-Donna said the Christmas store is really fun-I didn't get to that either.
When my parents come next week-they are staying the month of July-we are excited- I may make the trip and take mom she would love it. How far is it for you to get there? It was about 3 hours for us.
We do need to get together. I am sorry to here that your son won't be coming to HSU but it is a little on the pricey side-if Mike teaches there till our kids can go there is a discount for them thanks goodness cause we couldn't do it for all of them without it. I was hoping he would so you could get to come and visit!
We are doing well-we go back this week to the orthopedic Dr for Brandon's broken arm to see if it is healed enough for the sling to come off-we are hoping so-he is a bored little 6 year old.
This week I went to a homeschooling resale book sale and it was amazing what happened-we have heard every good things about Saxon Math(I had almost bought a set online for $54.00) so we had decided that is what we were going to use for Alyssa-we still don't know about the other stuff yet-but I was in there and I walked around a little-I walked to a table where I saw a stack of Saxon books and I asked what grade level it was (she is supposed to be 6th but I want to do some stuff over summer in 5th) she said this was 5th. It was both hard cover teacher books-the student book not written in and a hard cover testing book-she told me her sister used to work for Saxon Publishing and she would send her things for free. So I asked how much she wanted for the set-she said NOTHING! I said what? She said nothing-my sister sent it to me for free so she would give it away for free. I started to cry-right there. It just struck me how I have been praying that we were making the right decision and about the cost of it all and it just struck me like a ton of bricks (things I already know but sometimes something like this happens and it affirms it) that He even cared about the small stuff-like the books and the cost of it all. She also gave me two packs of books Science and Language Arts (both missing one or two books from the set -those were also written in) from Alpha and Omega.l I don't know much about them but they looked pretty good. I ended up buying a few used History and Science and a 6th grade Saxon math book and some reading cards for $7.25! I walked out of there with 3 bags full of stuff and that is all it cost me-it was truly amazing and I just went to the car and cried for a few minutes-God is so good. Any suggestions on the other areas-language and Science and History? She struggles with her memory so we need something were we can stop and review and with some points that get repeated. That is what we heard about Saxon Math and she needs that.
Well now that you have fallen asleep reading this, I will let you go. Hope you are having a great summer as well. I can't believe June is over already.
Talk with you soon.

Debbie said...

Janette, I love how you were able to find things you loved and duplicate them inexpensively. What a great lesson for me too; thanks.

I've never been to Fredericksburg, Texas but I've heard it's beautiful. My friend Jamie lives in Boerne, TX and she's told me next time I get to visit her, she's taking me there. She says that she knows I will love it.

Thanks for sharing your photos. I love how you are making the choice to respond to your circumstances. It's a lesson for many, including me.

Hugs to you,

Debbie said...

What finds you discovered in this beautiful place, and how wonderful you were able to duplicate them soo inexpensivily. I truly prefer your soup tureen. Really good. And you have totally made me hungry for peach cobbler, haha...Have a wonderful week-end. HUGS, Debbie

Texasholly said...

Those peaches look amazing.

Joan said...

Fredericksburg is such a neet place. (I love the hill country.) Those peaches are wonderful!


Mom2three said...

What fabulous finds! I must agree with everyone else, the Peach cobbler looks absolutely yummy!I love looking for awesome treasures, but the family photos was the best!

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

Oh Janette...I love all of your brilliant ideas! Pure genius!

Sonja said...

I love Fredericksburg too! It's sure a fun place to visit. And all the ideas... you did such a cute job with the suitcase full of photos, etc. Maybe the most fun of all is to see something you love and then go and copy it with your own spin! I think having 'everything you want' isn't nearly as rewarding as when you create it yourself, on a dime!
Good going!



Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Janette, I visited fredericksburg, once while in Texas, and just loved it.
I so enjoy seeing your find, and the comparison of prices. Great Job!
Thanks for sharing.

Sewn With Grace said...

Just love it! We can be thrifty and creative at the same time. Have a blessed Sunday!

Stephanie said...

Hi, Janette! Loved reading and your photos, too, and of course, your talent shines through...your decorative eye. And you write well, my friend. :-)

Been meaning to comment. Sorry. I've moved my computer upstairs and the new location somehow minimized my time there. Will keep stopping by, tho.


The Poff Clan said...

What beautiful examples of contentment and God's provision. I especially love your suitcase with the photographs. It's such a wonderful idea! You are an example of giving thanks in everything.

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