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Friday, March 11, 2016

I Will Watch This!!

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I have to say or maybe it is, stand on a soap box and yell, I don't like commercials.

 I remember the days when you couldn't advertise prescription drugs. Those issues we deal with in life, many things that should only be between your spouse and doctor, weren't embarrassing portrayed across the television.  You didn't have to change the channel or cover eyes and ears of your children. Even "G" rated stations now have politically correct, which usually means no moral content ads, which display non-biblical and non-moral issues you have to explain to your child.  I am one who doesn't care for this change in our society.

But before I "throw the baby out with the water" may I say, these commercials on values have caught my heart.

Someone is getting it right. They are allowing values be displayed on our TV.  Between all the negative there is some hope.

My Benjamin is one who is caught by these ads.  He is the one who catches the strong words and videos.

I hope this one blesses you as it did me.  Values are out there. Let's continue to pass them on!

You can go to Values.com and see more.  Have an awesome weekend.

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podso said...

Haven't see those before but beautiful! They bring hope!

Farm Girl said...

I am totally with you on that. I never watch network anything. We have never had cable. I have ad block on my computer too. My life is just simpler without commercials. I do watch Netflix and I do have my Amazon account, but never what is on T.V. so I am always at least a year behind. :) I think you you have put up those walls to keep junk out. It is getting harder and harder though. I don't even think any of our kids watch T.V. either. Isn't that weird to think about. I will watch that commercial because you posted it though. :)

Maryann said...

I haven'the seen this commercial before, it's really sweet. We avoid network TV for many years reasons but commercials are close to the top of the list. Even if a program is family friendly the commercials arent..sad. We generally stick to Netflix as well when we want to watch somethimg, it's a shame

Sandy said...

Wow...just beautiful! Rarely watch TV so I haven't seen this but it certainly is heartwarming.

Christine said...

I have shown this post to several people.
It's like a mini movie (good movie).
I remember the first time I saw a commercial, advertising a bra. I was so embarrassed!

Way to go Benjamin! Keep your heart pure.

Sharon said...

How nice to have something wholesome on TV. I am chagrined at how little seems censored these days. Especially in advertisements. Sigh. Good to know that some people are doing their part against this trend.


Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Sometimes they get it right. Thanks for sharing. We don't have regular TV and I never see the ads any more. Sounds like I am not missing much, except these. Beautifully done.

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