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Friday, February 5, 2016

It Never Works for Me!

After a long week of fighting the crud, some unnamed illness, I found myself alone.  My mind went wild with the possibilities.  I would have a few hours before I need to pick up Benjamin.  Alone time.  What is alone time? What will I do now that I feel okay?

My friend recently had her annual medical test run. All those test that are needed at the mid-century years, were taken.  The advice the doctor gave her was that he felt most women held in their stress.  This naturalistic doctor advises his patients, before prescriptions, to try to manage stress in varies natural forms.  One of his suggestions for women to release their stress is spa day. Massages were at the top of his de-stress advice.

We both looked at each other and said, "Yeah, RIGHT!"  We both talked about all the issues that would keep us from de-stressing in this manner....money and time and family.  We also discussed that we needed to learn from his advise.  Walking is free...having a spa day at home, not massage, was also a possibility.

This is where my thoughts had gone in my head on this free morning.  So off to the bathroom I went to have my own, de-stress, spa day.  I looked into my drawer to find a spa packet, for my face, a gift from how knows how long ago.  I looked down at my toes and fingers,  yes!!!, they needed attention and color.  I started the water in my shower.  Calgon take me away commercial playing in my head, I stepped in.  Surely the facial mask would remove the years of neglect.  Surely my husband would notice all the time I am taking to beautify myself. Surely the stress would wash down the drain with the water.

Now, as my friend would say....I was setting myself up for a disaster.  Truth is, It NEVER Works for me, but today would be different.

Music played, my hair was washed and wrapped in a towel, I leaned back in my de-tox mixture water to relax.  I grabbed the facial mask and slathered it all over my face. It was thick.  It smelled wonderful.  Now in my rush to enjoy my spa day  I didn't put on my glasses...I didn't read the package.  As I leaned back relaxing, covered in my orange facial mask, I thought, I didn't read what it said to do.  I grabbed the packet.  To my horror I could barely make out, Hair Mask!!!

OH, MY!!, what had I slathered all over my face?  Oh, my, was I now going to look like a red tomato all broken out?  Oh, MY!!!  I began to scoop off the mask, but not to lose it, rubbed it onto my hair!!!

While I am furiously removing the mask, praying it will not strip off my face, the phone rings. YES, someone is in need!  My college son's car didn't work and he needs me to pick him up, NOW!!!

I look down at my toes, my fingernails and realize, once again.............It NEVER Works for ME!

Now how does this de-stress anyone?  Well I was laughing as I stepped out of the tub, still watching my face in the mirror.  Thank goodness, my hair mask, didn't manifest in horror on my face.  As for my hair, well I couldn't tell any benefit.

My husband never knew I had tried to make myself look beautiful for him.  My college son never knew he had interrupted my "spa day".  Stress-free, came with the realization of  laughing at myself, and plans to one day...............one day.............actually paint my nails, and use a face mask.

Laughter is good like medicine and it is free!!! 

Today, I have some free hours......................you think I ought to try again?????

I hope you have a stress-free, relaxing, refreshing weekend!

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Vee said...

Oh no! I so wanted it to work for you even though it never works for me either.

podso said...

A great post. Isn't that just about how things happen? I'm glad to hear you were laughing--the fact that you could do that means that you were de stressing --and laughter is a real stress releaser! And what a story!

Farm Girl said...

I love this Janette, such a true statement. I think putting the stuff on your face and it should have been your hair is just something that Lucy would have done.
I remember when the kids were little and I would try that they would lay on their tummies and say, " Why can't I come in Mommy?"
Now, I just don't want to waste the time.
Besides I don't think It would help much. :)
It was still funny to read this. :)

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Oh Janette, it's been a number of years now since I was at the point you are but I so remember and so identify--I love your sweet and funny attitude.

Here's hoping you get that 'spa day' one day real soon--You made me laugh--thank you!

Lisa said...

Lol! The important thing is you tried! I guess moms need spa minutes and not days!

Debbie said...

OH MY GOODNESS...sorry but this was soo funny. I think most of us have been there, I know I have. Even though it's been quite a while since I've had kids at home, there are still those days when it just seems everybody "needs" me for something. Even if it's just to talk. And of course it's ALWAYS on the same day at the same time. And then there was those couple of years with mom....high stress. But honestly believe it or not there are some days when I long for the busyness of those days gone by. But those are rare I won't lie, lol. Laughing is still the best stress reliever there is for me. Oh, and a good book, or a la, la, la movie [as I call them]. Grab your minutes when you can girl. Meanwhile you have the right attitude!

Christine said...

Oh, Janette...

I don't know if I should cry or laugh.
I choose to laugh - lol

Lea said...

Oh, Jeanette, this makes me sad for you as you needed this so much. I'm glad that you could laugh, I would have probably cried. I hope you will get a spa day really soon, no one deserves one more!

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Sounds like one of my comedy routines. I don't have them as much since I am now retried. Except, I had a painful lesson as to how important it is to replace your bras during the time period suggested, and to be fit properly each time. Also, a well fitted sports bra is a must when you increase the intensity and length of your work outs, so I have found out after the fact. Sigh.

My daughter and I laughed until we cried when I described my hard learned lesson. At my age, you'd think I would know better. Still, as we both understand, cutting expenses sometimes means cutting necessities. Thankfully, our finances are better now and I won't have to cut so many corners. A good bra should never be one of those corners. The affect on your health is amazing.

Laughter is worth several spa days. Bless you for seeing the humor rather than feeling cheated and angry. Hope you do have another quiet moment to indulge, even if it is a few minutes to paint your toes.

Sharon said...

Not to laugh at another's misery, but this just cracked me up! Oh Janette, such a funny story! I remember one time when I used my brother's bathroom. I wasn't supposed to, but he had a shower (not a bathtub/shower) and I just wanted to get in and out. Well, I also decided to snark his toothpaste because I was out. Yeah, well, I ended up brushing my teeth with his hair cream. Another time I used hair spray instead of deodorant. I don't know if it helped with body odor, as my pits were firmly glued to my sides all day!!

Spa day - sounds nice on paper. But in the execution, something is lost!! Maybe you need a massage to recover from spa day?!?!?


Maryann said...

This sounds exactly like the kind of spa day i would have....made me laugh, and that is good medicine!

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