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Sunday, January 17, 2016

It Truly is 2016


Yes it is here!

I know you know that, we are 17 days into the year!

It isn't news to anyone we have entered a New Year, but to me it is still fresh.

All the promises of a new year wait before us.

Three birthdays in our home already this month,  declaring new things.  Teenager years left behind for our son who turned 20.   For the first time in 19 years we will have a gap in our home without a teenager.   What has 32 years, and 19 of those with teens, taught me?  Well it has taught me to keep my mouth shut when it comes to advising others on how to raise their children.  The truth is, each family works differently.   There isn't a guide book that works the same way for us all.  There is God and His Word, for all of us imperfect and sinful parents raising sinful children in a fallen world.
My boys and their Dad.  The new non-teenager is in the middle, behind the double digit boy.

Our youngest son turned double digits, forever leaving me without a single digit child of my own.  He truly is the our last child.  With that fact comes some melancholy.  He rejoices over growing up, while I cling to each moment.   No wonder we all can tell a baby of the family.  As I rejoice with him, and watch God grow him, I am so thankful God allowed us one more child adventure.

I turned the speed limit sign!!!  Yes, 55!!!
The road map on my face shows me that even though society wants to tell us differently....55 isn't the new 30's or even 40's....it is 55!!!!

So welcome 2016.  You already have one child's college graduation on the calendar and what more will you hold?

My word this year

What a powerful word. God already is showing me truth about this word in His Word.
My quiet times with the Lord this year have already been sweet.

The New Year started with my husband traveling to see his 100 plus young mother.  God tapped me on the shoulder with this event.  She was so glad to see her son. I don't remember a year that I hadn't rung in the New Year with my husband in over 39 years.  In fact, when I was 16  years old, he told me that he felt the new year would hold something amazing for me.  He was talking about himself!  It was just 14 days into that new year that we began to date, and the rest is our story.

This New Year I gave this time to  my Mother-in-law.  Just her and her only son.  This is what she did with him....unlike me, who goes to bed at her regular time on December 31st, she stayed up. She told him she wanted to see the ball drop. She has never missed seeing the ball drop.
At age 100, she and her son watched the ball drop and welcome in the New Year.  This is one person who defines the word contentment.  

I was convicted.  May I not miss the memories that can be made, just by adjusting my list of how things should be this year!  May I stay up late...when that makes a memory, or whatever adjustments are needed to see all what God has in store in 2016.

Happy New Year to all, I hope to be around more often in this year.

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Nancy said...

What a sweet post and so perfect for the year....We have had three birthdays this month as well. January must have been a cold, dark month many times..hahaha
I love the story of your mother in law and your hubby spending New Year's Eve with her...She sounds like a mom we would all like to model. I pray 2016 will hold abundant blessings for you and your family... I've moved my blog so I hope you will come over for a visit....www.nancithomas.com

podso said...

Good thoughts here! And a great story about your husband and his mom…how special for her to have his company on new year's eve. Happy New Year!

Debbie said...

Good morning! I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet post and your thoughts on the new year ahead of us. I think it's wonderful that you shared your hubby on new years eve with his 100 year old mother. What a special memory and time for them both! Can't believe Ben is already 10 years old...goodness, the time just flys. And 55 huh? I love how they say 50 is the new 40 and 40 is the new 30 etc., but most days I really feel like sixty one IS sixty one! And your other son has left his teens behind, but everything lies ahead for him still and is just beginning. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you! And wishing you and your sweet family God's abundant blessings in the new year!

Christine said...

Hi Janette!
Contentment is a great word to choose for the year. I can't believe how old Benjamin has gotten.
(you need to blog and show us more pictures, so I'm not so surprised at the growth, haha)

You are 55??? It sure looks good on you! Happy Belated Birthday.

I'm glad you saved the story of your husband and mother-in-law for last. My eyes weld up and I couldn't read! What a wonderful love story.

Praying for you and your family.

Sue said...

"HAPPY NEW YEAR" dear friend,!
Happy birthday to your 20 year old son, and to my friend Benjamin, Wow! he is growing up so fast ,I adore his pose in the photo, so grown up! And to you dear Janette, many happy birthday wishes! How wonderful that you shared your DH with his Mom on New Years,
Contentment is a wonderful word for the New Year, mine is gratitude, I think they go hand in hand, don't you!
Wishing you many continued blessings in 2016,
Hugs from me to you,

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Yes, 2016 is a new year in so many ways. I understand your musings regarding your growing family. It seems in one breath they are raising families of their own. Happy New Year, Janette. Thank you for sharing your pictures and musings with us. God bless this new year with warm memories and new adventures (the unstressful kind).

Lisa said...

Being content is a blessing and in this world we live in a constant struggle. I have once again committed to a gratitude journal.I'd let it lapse for a while and had forgotten how gratitude keeps us content, doesn't it? What a beautiful word for 2016!
PS I always marvel at your beautiful family!

Sharon said...

What a kindness you extended to your hubby and his mother! The picture of them sitting together and watching the ball drop was just too precious!

Contentment is a wonderful word! And with my word, grateful, I am finding that the two words are closely intertwined. For it is discontent that often steals our gratitude, right?!

Love your family, how it's changing. And yet, the love that ties all of you together is beautiful.


(55?? Youngster!)

Pom Pom said...

Hi sweet J! Aw, yes it's so true. 55 is 55 and so 57 is 57. Funny! It's all good and it's all okay, right?
Your MIL sounds like an amazing lady. I love your word for 2016.

Julia said...

Me ha encantado tu post, ha sido todo un regalo mirar tu bloc. Te invito a visitar el mío. "La vida es aquella que te va sucediendo mientras te empeñas en hacer otros planes". John Lennon. Elracodeldetall.blogspot.com

Vee said...

What a great family you have! No, no. Fifty-five is not the same in 2016 as it was for our grandmothers. Have you seen those women? They look ancient. You do not. Remember this.

Hope to see you around more in the new year as well. I do know that the grandbabies keep you hopping.

Lea said...

What a sweet post Jeanette and I just love that you hubby spent NYE with his Momma. That is likely a memory he will never forget. Made me feel really old when you said she stayed up to see the ball drop. I haven't seen the new year in in a very long time. I may have to change that next year. :o))

Happy belated 55th birthday. The best is yet to come


Theresa said...

Love the picture of your boys. What a sweet story about your husband's words to you right before you started your relationship! Love seeing and hearing about your beautiful family :)

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