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Monday, April 28, 2014

Honored to be Among Them

We all came together again, after decades, to celebrate the restoration of a marriage.  We had all attended the same church in the early 80's, while starting  our new married lives and early parenting days.  If you were a fly on the wall, you wouldn't have know all the years that stood between us all, yet, the bond that had brought us together before, still glued us all together.

Each couple had their stories.  The rise to success through their early years of marriage, the dreams playing out on schedule and then the devastation of the events that hit us all in our 50's.   All the men had seen their successful careers come to an end in their 50's, as they all enter their 60's, they see life through new eyes.  All the women shared the ups and downs, through their tears and their laughter, they all told of God's faithfulness. Career loss was only one blow that began the list of struggles, that would have taken most people down for the count.  NO ONE had missed life's blows.

We laughed about how we never could have guessed all those years ago, that life would hand us such incredible struggles in the midst of extreme joys.  We celebrated God's goodness and faithfulness.

The light that shown the brightest on this day of celebration was the fact that even though life had thrown some very strong curves to each couple.......................ALL...ALL...MAY I SAY IT AGAIN...ALL had stood on the solid rock and stayed faithful in their walk with the Lord.  There wasn't a word of bitterness, there wasn't a shaking of the fist to the God who created this world.  EACH...I say this again..EACH pointed to the Lord through it all.  Each shared how He had been greater than any trial.

I stood among these couples with gratefulness.  Their testimonies built my faith.  Their walks strengthen my own.  Faithful through the ups and downs of life is what Faith is all about.

I opened the book my husband bought me for Easter. This Too Shall Pass, here is my reading for today.

Lord, I have made it through the long dark night and now I stand in the joyful light of your love.  Help me to spread my wisdom and experience to others so that they, too, may know your grace, your mercy, and your enduring love.  Let me be an example to them of how your love heals and renews and makes whole again.
Let me be the guide that helps bring others back to the safety of your shores.
No one, including God, ever promised us a life from struggle and suffering.  In fact, we are pretty much assured of challenges and obstacles, for how would we grow and become stronger and more loving without them?  How would our character develop without trials that help mold and shape our personality?  But what we are promised is that every cloud comes equipped with a silver lining in the form of powerful and profound life lesson that we will one day be grateful to have learned, no matter how hard the process.

That sums it up.  I was so honored to be among these couples, who have been through the fire and now are allowing His reflection to be seen in their walk.  They have, and still are among the faithful.

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BECKY said...

What an awesome testimony to God's faithfulness, Janette! What a joy to celebrate together! Just love this, and so wish there was more of it in our world!! I'm so thankful that God has seen us through the years and we celebrate our 35th anniversary in Oct. To God be the glory...great things He has done!!
Have a lovely week!

Sandy said...

Thank you for glorifying God in this wonderful post that was such a joy to read! The fellow next to your hubby looks like he could be his brother.
Hope you have an awesome week, Janette.

Catherine said...

Dear Janette, You are all very blessed to have each other. It is wonderful to spend time and to praise all that He has brought you through to shine and to encourage and help others and each other.
You are always in my prayers. Blessings, Catherine xo

Sharon said...

This is beautiful - the photo and the story. What a testament to faithfulness - both on God's part, and in each and every heart portrayed.

What a gift of friendship - one that has stood, and withstood, through the decades!

Thank you for sharing this. I am blessed.

podso said...

This gives me the goosebumps. What a privilege to share in each others' lives and to see God in the good and the hard places. Truly you have given Him great honor and glory in this wonderful post. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

How wonderful it is to witness a miracle! Blessings to all you beautiful couples!

Brenda Lazzaro Yoder, said...


Lea said...

Yes, that was a beautiful post and made my heart smile. What a testimony to all of how HE has seen you through each and every storm and you all have remained faithful. That is awesome that all 4 couples "survived." Thanks for sharing!

Vee said...

Thought of writing a book? There are so many in the country today who could benefit from your powerful testimonies. I know that it has blessed me and I know you all have so much more to share.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Very special post and precious couples journeying on with God's help.

Debbie said...

I think the whole wonderful time with them was a gift from God to all four couples. I know first hand what a blessing it is to see others who face the same kinds of things that we have faced. It's a kinship that just make me feel stronger, like worn out, time tested iron - sharpening other worn out, time tested iron.

And... I have to say it: You are just flat out GORGEOUS in that picture and dress!!

Debbie said...

I think the whole wonderful time with them was a gift from God to all four couples. I know first hand what a blessing it is to see others who face the same kinds of things that we have faced. It's a kinship that just make me feel stronger, like worn out, time tested iron - sharpening other worn out, time tested iron.

And... I have to say it: You are just flat out GORGEOUS in that picture and dress!!

Christine said...

Awesome in every way and what a gift.
God is good!

Rebecca said...

Sweet! And the grace just keeps on covering and keeping us all :)

Maryann said...

What a testimony to God's faithfulness.

Debbie said...

Can't tell you how uplifting this was to read and hear how EVERY one of those precious couples has stayed strong in the Lord. Your right of course. It is really what it is all about. Life is a series of ups and downs. No one escapes. But those who belong to Him can count on His faithfulness...His strength...His grace...His love...and His mercy to see us through. Sharing our
"war stories" is just another way He has given us to strengthen and grow. But how special it is for all of you to know you have continued in the walk no matter what difficulties life has thrown your ways. Thanks for sharing it all with us. Such a wonderful testimony to hear.

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

Beautiful testimony of God's faithfulness and four couples' commitment to HIm and to each other! Job loss teaches us so much about ourselves and our spouse, doesn't it? I am so glad you all had the chance to be together to celebrate God's goodness. What a wonderful example you all are!

Debbie Petras said...

Oh Janette, life and marriage aren't easy that's for sure. But I love how faithful our God really is. What a testimony of love. Commitment to marriage in today's world seems to be trivial. I love to hear of couples who stick together and work through issues when others would give up. You are a fighter and I think you're amazing.

Love you,

Crown of Beauty said...

WHat a beautiful post this is, Janette. I haven't been visiting for the past months, but this morning I thought of you and wanted to know what has been going on in your life. What a blessing it was to read this post. And the quote you shared at the end from the book, it is just so timely and relevant. Blessings on the rest of your day... Love, Lidia

Pom Pom said...

Aw, what sweet and faithful comrades!
I'm sure you've drawn a lot of strength from each other, through the highs and lows.

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