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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Learning and Re-learning

This year seems to be a time for reviving some of the old knowledge I once possessed, while
learning how to update my old knowledge with new technology.
There are days that my brain and yes, my bottom, ache.
New technology means learning how to use my computer and applications for my business.
Yes, there are days I yell at the computer screen, as if it should just respond to my frustration.

I dusted off my old knowledge, grabbed my necessary glasses, and headed to my sewing room.
Years ago I seemed to be able to sew in my sleep, reality said pick up my ripper.
For one of my clients I would be using a workroom to sew window treatments, for another
I would be the seamstress.
Treading my needle became a bigger issue then I remembered.
I now see why people pay for a self-threading machine.

Evernote is still getting the best of me, as I try to learn how to convert my decorating business onto
computer and apps.  My paper work and self-drawings are yelling..."time to learn more technology."
If my bottom will not expand over the edge of my chair seat, I might get to the point where modern
technology is more help then frustration.
Here is just one peek at my decorating job with my son.  I have to say, seeing my selections and designs 
become reality is fun, however, the stress and I still haven't become friends.
My son's work is always excellent.

Before and during transformation. The whole bathroom was cleared out and everything came in new.
The finishing touches, including window treatments, are being added this month.
This is drawn out in my notebook.  Seeing it come to life was exciting. 
To go from computer, marble, tub, faucets and lights selections, to finished constructions made the drawings reality, and happy clients.

This still isn't  finished.  I call the faucets perfume bottles.  The mirror made a nice finishing touch.  The pulls hadn't been put on at this point, nor other finishing touches. After the window treatments are installed I will get better pictures.  Along the other wall is a large shower. This is only one room in this home we are redesigning.  More pictures to come. 

Spring break came and went.  My friend's wedding took me out of town to help and celebrate.
Monday I pick everything back up and start juggling again.
Learning and re-learning along the way seems to be an ongoing theme.  

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Sonja Goodson said...

You are my hero! I think the way you juggle life has been amazing. Keep it up... it's coming together and I'm so proud of you, Janette! :)

Christine said...

I knew you have been busy.
That mirror is stunning and what a tub!
Oh, please...post more of your work.
It is really fun to see.

Hope you get some rest or even a bit of down time. I'm still praying!

Vee said...

You do beautiful work, Janette! It all looks fabulous. "There's an app for that" is certainly true in today's world. I'm always stunned by what is available. Glad that I don't have to keep up with it, though.

Sandy said...

Your talent is amazing, Janette. I also love seeing what you have done. I just love that tub!
I am always praying for you to be able to do all that's required of you in a day's time.
Big Hugs!

Farm Girl said...

Very, very pretty. I think you are doing wonderfully.

Sharon said...

Wow - your work is beautiful! I just love re-decorating shows, I love the ones where they *flip* a house. Sure, it all appeals to my little creativity genes, but it also speaks to an innate appreciation for the possibility of transformation!

It's a joy to watch what God is doing in your life as he teaches you new lessons. You have had an amazing journey, and I know the new steps in the future will be equally wonder-full!


Angel said...

That seems to be what life is all about doesn't it? Learning and Re-learning. Everything, including me, is a work in progress. :)

That bathroom is beautiful already. I can't imagine how much more so when it is finished completely. Can't wait to see your final photos on this project. Very cool!

Linda said...

Your photos are lovely! The self threaders can be pretty cheap thanks to dollar stores these days.

Catherine said...

Dear Janette, Your voice is shining through your post. You sound excited and encouraged. I am very happy for you. You never fail to give me inspiration. I think of you and all that has been and you give me encouragement.
Thank you and blessings. Catherine xo

Rebecca said...

Learning and RElearning. May we never stop! Gary and I have talked seriously about revamping our bath to accommodate our "senior years" (should have done it sooner not later....). Would have been nice to have it done given our new circumstances!

The one you've designed is gorgeous! I'm sure many, many ecstatic clients will fill your hours and days.

And the stress will probably become more manageable with practice :)

God bless your life and family, supply your needs and continue to bless others through you.

Sue said...

This is so beautiful Janette, I now know where you have been, off using those wonderful God given talents you have. I can hear excitement ,love, and joy through this post. Isn't it a great feeling to know when we are in god's perfect will for our lives. I pray God's richest blessings on you as you walk this journey.
Give Benjamin a hug for me.
much love,

Theresa said...

I love that bathroom, especially the marble! You sure are keeping busy and it all sounds like fun :)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, wow!! I love what you two have done to that bath!!! We are in the midst of a make-over too. I had to put the bath on the back burner for the next phase... budgets only go so far. But, I'm envisioning something similar. Excellent work!!

You'd think we would get to a point we didn't have to keep learning new things, wouldn't you?! LOL! I can't even get comfortable with this new computer! LOL! Keep on keeping on, Janette!! blessings ~ tanna

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