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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Texas Clean!

I promised to let you know what happens when you combine a teacher, decorator and cleaning woman all together, in one person.

You find a lady that is surprised at how they all come together.
The reality is that I never remember NOT teaching.  First, I taught drill teams dances through my years as drill team Captain.  Later, I went off to college for a teaching degree while continuing to teach dance.
Although I didn't finish my degree..yes, stopped my junior year to have babies, I did teach dance and drill team camps throughout my first pregnancy.
During this time I also taught Sunday School and later started home schooling.
So I have been a teacher from age 16 to age 52.
The teacher in me researches everything.

How does this fit in the combination?...just wait.

As I opened my cleaning business, I started to research; thus, leading me to discover how to clean homes without toxic cleaners through the use of all-natural, non-toxic essential oils. 
As I discovered more uses for essential oils, I learned I had also found a new place to teach others about health benefits from them as well.  Last week, I held my first class. It was GREAT!

The decorator in me had to have fun with my cleaning.  Off I went to set up a web page and buy outfits for cleaning.  This led to my logoed baseball cap and buckets with my matching labels, attached to color-coordinated buckets and bottles.  Fun gloves just allow me to smile through my lemon-oil-safe soft scrub.
(My Hubby thinks I look cute in my cap with my ponytail!)

My decorating business is also opening the doors to allow me to keep the areas clean I helped to decorate.
My decorating at this time is teaching others how to make their houses into homes.
Most of my clients at this time are DIY'ers. It is so much fun to say, "hey, this will look good" and THEY do the labor!

So you see...you take a teacher...give her something to learn about and share with others, throw in anything that could look pretty and let her start a business to clean and decorate your house.

Now for the TEXAS Clean.  You take two bloggers, who met through their blogs...let them have one visit and watch how God ties them together.

One year ago, I met Jill in Granbury, Texas for a first-time visit.
We hit it off.
Well, in one year, God decided for both of us to land in the cleaning business world.
So a few weeks ago, we met again in a small town in Texas.
These two women (who would have thought you were crazy last year had you said, "yes, next year you both will  have cleaning businesses") met to encourage and talk business.
I had to bring a gift to Jill symbolic of our new status in life!  Don't you love it?

What a precious gift to me...a partner in cleaning.

Watch out, TEXAS!...the blogging cleaners are headed your way to clean and decorate.

All of this has taught me that I can do anything to the Glory of God.  When He opens a door, I am to walk through it in faith. It has taught me more than I can write...and the lessons are still coming.

So just watch this decorating, teaching, essential oil consultant come into your home and leave it "white glove clean"....I will resist rearranging your decor! 

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Sharon said...

Have I told you lately how much you inspire me? Well, you just do!

I'm so glad to hear that things are beginning to *take off* for you! I had no doubt that they would. I love that you're taking the non-chemical approach to things. That alone will add to your success.

Clean, Mrs. Tidy Teacher!


Debbie said...

My heart is sort of racing with this post, and I think you know why. I just *feel* something whenever you talk about your two businesses. I love the fact that you have the logo and the cap and the whole works.

Vee said...

This looks like dedication and commitment to me! All the very best with your cleaning business. Are you teaching through your church or have you tried teaching adult ed classes? This topic would go over very well there! (I have only taken two adult ed classes and one was on cleaning from A to Z following a Don Aslett plan.)

Maryann said...

Wow, I am so impressed. You have have taken an idea and truly made it your own. Love the idea of the non toxic cleaning supplies...I think you have a winner of an idea.

Sonja Goodson said...

hERE YOU GO WONDER WOMAN! The reports will just keep coming. The whole topic of clean and green is what everyone wants and you are DOING it! With a flair!

You go girl!!!

Pom Pom said...

And I feel sure you leave sweetness behind you! Go, go, go! Cheering for you!

Farm Girl said...

How very nice and I am so glad you found your niche.

Christine said...

A good teacher is born a teacher.
Some can learn but when you are born to teach, it's there always.

How fun to find a blogging friend and share back and forth in the flesh.

Sandy said...

You amaze me, Janette! I think that's just great. I wish both of you gals the best in everything you do. God is with you. And I know everyone is so into the green cleaning so you are going to really have a lot of satisfied customers.

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Wish I lived closer--I would definitely hire you--you could even rearrange my decor whenever you chose--

Love the story about your new friend and pray that both of your businesses make it "big."

Nancy said...

I love how God brings it all together for good....He has taken several of the gifts He has given you and put them together into a business that brings Him honor and good for you....Way to go girlfriend...

Lea said...

You are something else girl! I always love stopping by here because I leave inspired. You make the best lemonade from your lemons that I've ever seen.

Love your logo, cute labels and cleaning supplies. You have definitely got it going on. Yea, for you!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

You are amazing, Janette. I love that God placed Jill in your life at just the right timing for each of you.

Your hat ROCKS! You don't do anything half way; and, God is with you every step. blessings ~ tanna

Rebecca said...

Wow! Good for you. I'm so excited for you, Janette. I think I can smell that lemon cleaner. Is that possible?!?

Debbie Petras said...

Good for you Janette! I love how the Lord brings people together like this. And I can just see you praying for the people who live in the houses you clean. Yes, I wish we lived closer!!!!


Debbie Petras said...

Good for you Janette! I love how the Lord brings people together like this. And I can just see you praying for the people who live in the houses you clean. Yes, I wish we lived closer!!!!


Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

Partners in GRIME! What a gift God has given you ladies. Speaking of gifts... two BOYS? You are sooooo outnumbered! :-)

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

What exciting, inspirational news! Congratulations. This is terrific!

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

You just never know what wonders God has in store for you if you would only let go of the wheel and let Him do the driving. Gives me hope for my future, whatever it will turn out to be. God bless your faith and your future, Janette.

Jill Jones said...

I love you my sweet friend and our visits (which need to be more often) always leave me blessed and feeling inspired to be a better me. Thank you for my goodies. Every time I use them I think of you and whisper up a prayer that God is growing not only your business but your heart in your business in mighty ways. I am so thankful for the blessing that you are to me. God is good. Love ya

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