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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cliff Jumping Lucy and Ethel - Rapids Below

Well, I did leave you all wondering what happened to my cliff jumping partner...Ethel.

Just like Sundance and Butch Cassidy...Redford and Newman, it is better to have someone jump with you.
The line from the movie clip( Lucy and Ethel Jump Off  Cliff) was when Redford confessed that he didn't know how to swim.  Newman answered back, "well heck, the rocks will kill us!"
That is exactly how Lucy and Ethel have felt as we screamed and kicked our way to the rapid waters below.

Well let's talk about the rapid waters below.  May we both say we had "no clue" where the waters would lead,  nor did we expect all the rapids to beat us up along the way.  We naively knew that 
we had to jump or die with the course our lives were taking.

I am here to report...we neither one have drowned.
Again, a partner in the rapid waters helps.
One goes under the water and the other pulls them back up to the surface.
So the last few months have been
bobbling up and down, knocks against every type of rock you can imagine and the 
on going yell, "what were we thinking?"

Well Ethel is graciously on her inner tube now, coasting along smoother waters.
After almost 40 years away from academia, she is making all A's in her subjects.
She is sporting a great co-ed attitude as she received a part-time job to be your next
"I want a chia-tea latte or coffee-latte", woman.  
Which allows more study time.

She is a woman of excellence, who hasn't ever put her hand to something that isn't done with superior skill.
She leans her hands, her support, her prayers and her finances to anyone in need.
She is taking care of her mother, who has entered the first stages of Alzheimer, while
also continuing to be a great mother to three adult children and seven grandchildren.
I haven't even mentioned friend!

She teaches through her life what is it means to be a follower of Christ...allowing Him to guide her through
whatever waters she finds He has led her.  She shines His glory for all of us to see.

As for Lucy...well you all know a little bit about her rapid journey.
The falling over the vacuum cleaners, the joints she didn't know she had that ache at the end of a cleaning day and almost drowning financially and yet, seeing God met her in the wilderness with His manna.
Lucy will show you soon what you get when you cross a teacher, interior decorator and cleaning lady all into one person.  It is a sight to behold.  Only one that God could have orchestrated.

                     Lucy now see her inner tube.  She is hesitating as she reluctantly climbs on.                                    Still not sure the rapids won't dump her back into the swirls of the water, she can't totally calm down yet.
As of today Ricki got a job!
Unemployment has left her so breathless that she doesn't know how to breath in the air.
Seven months out of the last ten has been spent in this wilderness.
Manna from heaven...literally supernatural provision has kept us from drowning.
To see the Body of Christ come to our aid has left us speechless.

One year ago, I posted on my weekend with my Ethel aka Diane (Time to Hand Me Another Piece) and how we sat talking through the puzzle pieces of our lives.
  We had no clue what piece the Lord would change out over the 
following year.  It truly has been an adventure.  One that isn't finished, nor do we still have any
idea what the finish puzzle will be...but we both allow Him to place the next piece.

Thanks for your prayers, encouraging words and support through this time.  We are still walking it out, but now maybe we aren't crawling anymore.

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Sharon said...

Oh Lucy - I loved this.

I especially enjoyed the whole reference to jumping off a cliff, and crazy rapids, and that *sinking* feeling you get when you feel like you're in over your head.

It's been so interesting to watch you and Ethel - I so admire the courage both of you have shown in stepping out in faith.

And Ricki??? YAY!!!!

Prayers still going your way -


Rebecca said...

Rejoicing with Ricki! What a scary ride you've been on - but (as an old vacation Bible school song I learned years ago said..."With Christ in the vessel we can smile at the storm"!

Maryann said...

So glad you and Ethel have been able to climb up on your inner tubes navigating through those rapids can take your breath away at times...remember though he is faithfully at the helm, your are not alone in those waters.....and rejoicing with you that Ricky has found employment. Life is never boring is it??

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

You and "Ethel" have been shining lights of inspiration to all of us, Janette. God has mighty plans for you. I am so thankful for *knowing* you and for "Ricki's" job!! Praise Jesus. You and yours remain in my prayers. blessings and big celebratory hugs ~ tanna

Debbie said...

My heart is just pounding in my chest. I will be snatching up the phone to call a prayer warrior on the road who had prayed like a brother for this.


(And the inne tubes? Wonderful! But the other part has me jumping up and down.)

Sally said...

Congratulations on the job, so happy that burden has eased. Patience rewarded can be so sweet. Blessings!

Sonja Goodson said...

Oh I am so thrilled!!!!! You know how we have all been praying, and the answers always come, and I knew they were on the way for you and your family. Rejoicing from Dallas to Denton and back!!!

Vee said...

Praise The Lord ! I love a story with an unexpected punch. Well told. You have shown many of us that God has been your Source all along. I'd say that you're a remarkable gal!

Angela said...

I praise the Lord for His sustaining you both through these hard days. I hope that breathing room is headed your way. Either way, your life has certainly been a testimony of God's provision:)

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

Janette, we're rejoicing with you here at our house! Can't wait to see how all the puzzle pieces come together...

Debbie said...

Oh Janette how happy I am to hear this!!! God is soo good! Big hugs!

Pom Pom said...

Yay! That's such great news! Ethel and Lucy are good girls, good sisters, good ambassadors.

podso said...

This sounds like good news and lots of God's grace, And yes, the story isn't over yet, it really isn't, is it, until we cross over to the other side!

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Hi, Janette. Every time I visit you I am blessed. I've been catching up on the last few posts. Thank you so much for sharing your trials and victories with us. From lizards to jobs I have been uplifted!

Angel said...

What a wonderful praise report! The Lord is good!

Sandy said...

Praising Him for all His faithfulness and love! I am so happy for the job for "Ricki" and how this has all brought such glory to our Father!!
Love & Hugs~

Crickit said...

What wonderful news! You have had such a great attitude through all of this! Have a wonderful weekend! :)


I am happy to hear your good news. And praying for this transition, as you recover from some hard months. As always, I ask the Lord to lighten your load with good surprises.

And thank God for good friends.


myletterstoemily said...

praise the Lord!!!! have you seen those commercials
for atlantis? they have these innertubes that float
all day (if you like) around canals. i pray your inner
tube ride is that peaceful after this hard year!

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

So GLAD to hear of "Ricki's" job - after such a tough year. I really can appreciate your sense of hardly knowing how to draw a deep breath after a year of "heart in your mouth" suspense each day.

Blessings to you! Now breathe!!!

Brenda Lazzaro Yoder, said...

I love this and of course want to know more...but so thankful you can see His provisions each step of the way. Thank you friend. Praise God.

Lea Culp said...

Well, this makes my heart smile really BIG!!! You are so inspiring in every post, in every struggle and every victory. May this be the beginning of much, much better days ahead. Sweetest blessings to you!

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