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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friends, You Gotta Have Friends

The definition of friends has changed through the years.  Facebook numbers have changed the whole thought process of friends.  Social media has its place, but real flesh and blood can't be replaced.

My daughter...(yes, still wedding stories... I might change next week)....she loves people.  When the wedding assistant announced that the 100 they had planned on having was now over 220, my daughter just lit up with excitement.  The more the merrier.  She would have more people to hug and greet.

I, however, have gone through so many seasons of life that I now know the true meaning of a friend.  As I walked into the crowded reception area, my eyes caught the faces of True Friends... Friends who have been with me through thick and thin and have remained friends. (Oh, how I wish I had had my own camera)

Each of us are truly blessed if at the age of 50-plus we have a handful of true friends.  Those are the ones who are golden.  My handful blessed me beyond measure by attending my daughter's wedding.  They have not only been faithful friends, they all wear the badge of  honor of being faithful servants of the most high God.

What makes them so special isn't just that they love me and have put up with me, but the true treasure is that ALL have gone through life's hard swings, and refused to denounce the Lord. The list of scars these women have endured through unwanted battles could bring even the greatest soldier to his knees.  Knees...that is where they went and came up still in praise.  Many times just one of these battles would make a person question their faith.......not my handful of friends.  Their walks with the Lord have deepened with each blow.  When they say I will make it, or they extend an encouraging word.... I receive it and they know it.  They aren't speaking from an ivory tower. They have seen God and His faithfulness firsthand.

So, as I sing along with an artist talking about friends.......I know what a real friend is made of.  My real friends were there to see my daughter get married.  They were there for me to hug and shed a tear with at the reception.  The funniest thing of all.......they were also the ones whom I drug out on to the dance floor for a line dance, while giggling our heads off.  One had had knee surgery, another was afraid she would split her dress...and we all giggled and did the friendship dance together.

To my Ethels.................I love you all!!

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Farm Girl said...

How wonderful. I am so happy that you have those kind of friends in your life. I love all of the photos. I hope you are more rested this week. I hope life is getting back to normal.

Debbie said...

Again, I can soo identify with this post. A handful of faithful friends is what I had at my daughters wedding too, and HOW grateful I was that they were there to share that moment with me! Oh the laughter and the tears we have shared. I am soo glad you have these special "Ethel's" in your life as they really do make it all worth while. I am enjoying the glimpse of the reception I am see. Still looking forward to more pictures! I for one hope you keep sharing stories of the wedding ~ I love hearing them. Hope you have a good week-end! HUGS

Vee said...

Now why am I humming that old song..."and friends are friends forever if the Lord's the Lord of them"? Because I'm old!

I would have loved to see that little conga line or whatever it was. What a fun time! (I don't know all your real life friends, but I do "know" Angie.) Now too bad you're not in those great pictures.

Sue said...

I am now shedding a few tears with you, tears of joy! How blessed to have such dear friends! I am thinking of one who was named in the Bible(Abraham) as a friend of God. His friendship was tested to the imp when asked to make great sacrifice,he proved himself faithful! True friends always pickup right where they left off, not skipping a beat, and like our Lord they love us when we are good and when we are not so good. You are so blessed to have so many, and thank you for sharing them with us.

Pom Pom said...

Yay for nice friends like you!
Finally, I have a few sweet sisters at school now. For the first couple of years, it was slim pickings.
Thank you, Jesus!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Sweet friends, a lifetime of memories and lot of love. That is a blessing!

Sonja said...

What a great group of friends, and guess what? I consider myself one of those friends, and I am so blessed to be one! :)

Can't wait to hear all the latest news at your house, am so happy to catch up on the wedding details. You make us feel like we were all a part of it!



I, too, am so grateful for friendships over the years. I am writing to about 35 of them this year ... slowly a few at a time. And I have been getting the most wonderful letters back.


myletterstoemily said...

your three best friends look similar
to my three besties. we shold have
a show your best friend party post!

Anonymous said...

Having friends in our lives bring such extra JOY and sense of peace in our lives.. Love knowing you have such dear one around you..You are blessed and I am not surprise either I can feel you would have such dear friends -- and yet, I have not EVER met you..I just know!!!

Maryann said...

Have been enjoying the wedding photos. I have a few faithful friends and they are precious jewels in my life. What a blessing to have them all there to celebrate with you.

Angela said...

"To have a friend be a friend." I used to have a little Hummel picture with that saying in my room growing up. You have been a real friend to me, and I thank you so much for it:)

Lisa said...

Beautiful post! And I am LOVIN' the wedding stories!

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

CONGRATULATIONS ! Looks like it was a lovely wedding and a good time was had by all - but friends are, by far, the very best part. Blessings to you !

Sharon said...

How special, Janette. It's so true, isn't it, that our lives are greatly enhanced by the presence of our believing friends in our lives. I can only imagine how much more special this wedding day was by the precious ability to share it with your girlfriends!


Debbie said...

Love this and relate to it so well. (Well, not the daughter getting married part yet, but I'm a dreamer!)

I couldn't agree more with you that it's the greatest blessing to have friends who are there, not just in the difficult times BUT ALSO in those moments that are important to us so that they share our joy and as it states so much better in the Word, "make our joy complete."

Now, I need to review to make sure I didn't miss any wedding stuff. I'm a wedding snoop and a wedding crasher don'tcha know.

Anonymous said...

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rebecca said...

I LOVE it - that you celebrated with the Dance of Friends! Life just goes better with friends, doesn't it?!?

"That's what friends are for" - as the song title puts it!

podso said...

Beautiful commentary on friendship and you say it so well. I'm trying to write something similar regarding the funeral, but I think you've done a much better job.

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