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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Put Away But Not Forgotten

The season has come to an end, yet the gratefulness continues.  As I packed up my Thanksgiving decoration, washed another dish, pondered over the small group we had this year, I prayed prayers of thanksgiving.

This year was a change.  Adult children literally all over the world, or making memories with their soon-to-be extended families, meant less at our table.  In fact, I can't even remember a time that I only had Thanksgiving for six.  However,although the calm was awkward, it was still precious to have this quality time with just four of our children.

While picking up the decorations and putting our thanksgiving page on my desk to put into a scrapbook, the text from my husband came.  Our season of three months of unemployment....no pay checks, had come to an end as he deposited our first check!!!!!!!!  His new hourly, temporary job had come the middle of November.  He trained and started to work while still developing his insurance accounts.  How grateful we are.....our flesh cried out "Thank-you Lord!"

We all speak of God's faithfulness, though some know it through just His words, others know it through experiences like we have just walk through.  To experience provision from heaven through checks in the mail that arrived just the day that a bill was due....we saw His faithfulness.  As He did in the wilderness with the Israelities, He did for us, providing manna for each day.

I smiled as the decor was taken down from its place, the books returned to their shelf and the recalling of His faithfulness to the Pilgrims.  Our God is truly remarkable!

I pondered if I should just stop blogging through the Christmas season.  I really am not interested in so many of the traditional posts for this season....life is still very unpredictable at this time.  Then I set down to have my devotional and I felt I knew where I wanted to go this season with my posts.  During the summer I wrote posts on filling my sand pail.  The Lord knew that I would need each of those scoops to bring me through this unemployment journey, so why not see what He has in store for me through the Christmas season?

I am going to be filling my Christmas Stocking!  I hope you enjoy seeing what the Lord puts in my stocking...or join me also in filling your own stocking. I think He has some special things in store as I watch what He wants to give me this season as I focus on the Reason for the Season.

28 Joining in with more words:

Farm Girl said...

I am so thankful for God's provision for your family. That is such a sweet testimony. I am so very Thankful for that. God is so good. Gee I had to laugh, we are so funny aren't we? You only had six for dinner? Janette, six is still a nice number. I just laughed at that because I could hear myself saying the same thing.
I was blessed by your post and I look forward to hearing what God will use to fill your stocking.
Blessings to you.

Marla and Steve said...

You are always so precise as your words touch my heart and make me think. I'm going to see what the Lord fills your stocking and mine.

Vee said...

Oh good, Janette, because there are so many on this road just now. Everyone in the country is really because when this many are struggling, we're all struggling. Bless you for listening to that nudge. I know that many are going to be encouraged as a result. (Ahem, you had six at your table? That's 100% more than we had at ours. =D )

Sandy said...

We only had five at our table and that was one more than usual, with a fairly new daughter in law. Still, it was lovely and we had so much to be thankful for with Shaun home for a few days.
My husband and I have already discussed how this will be a very quiet Christmas for us as far as gift giving since he has been out of work since last March. But, that's OK because that's not what this holy season is about anyway.

moreofhim said...

What a beautiful post! I'm so happy for your provision of your hubby's job and first check! That is always such a relief.

It was just my little family of four this year, but that's fine with me. We enjoyed each other's company so much and I know these years will pass quickly when, they too, will be with their new families or other commitments happen in their jobs.

God is so good and it's such a blessing to focus on Him and how he blesses us.

God bless you - Julie

NanaNor's said...

Dear Janette, Wonderful post filled with a grateful heart for all of His provisions. So thankful for your hubby's job! I can't wait to see how He fills your stocking with the most precious of gifts.
Glad you'll be around!
Hugs, Noreen

Brenda Lazzaro Yoder, said...

This is beautiful. I thought of you the other day and the sacrifices you are making for that little one of yours. You and your husband are examples of genuine faithfulness of what is right and true and good. Giving thanks for that first check is another example. Thank you for your fresh reminders every time I am here, Janette.

Rebecca said...

Yay for that paycheck! And YAY that you're going to blog through the Christmas season.

I believe blogging keeps me/us alert to the movements of God throughout our day. It keeps me expecting/alert/awake/on-my-toes.

Blogging to EXpress (not IMpress) is sharing the faithfulness of a God who SO loved the world that He GAVE! You "express" SO well. I'd miss you if you dropped out :) Even temporarily!

Debbie Petras said...

I hope you will blog through this season. Life isn't all rosy and cheery all of the time. It can be difficult. But having said that, I am thrilled about your husband's temporary job. God is so faithful to supply our needs. Not all our wants but our needs.

I got sick for Thanksgiving. So our day was kind of sad. It was just me and Greg in bed. But such is life; it was quiet.

I've learned that God is so faithful. I remember back several years and remember that pain in my heart as I had to pack up and sell many of our treasured possessions for the unknown. Now that we are getting settled in our small condo, I am thankful for how He has brought us through it all. Things are much different than they were before. But there are so many lessons learned. I think it's important to learn from one another. Thank you for sharing your heart.

Love you,

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

I would miss you so if you didn't post. So this is good news.
I will look forward to these posts, and join you!

Beloved's Bride said...

God the provider! Jehovah Jireh. Praise the Lord for the pay check, I am excited for you.

I am so glad that you will be writing this season as well. I am looking forward to seeing your stocking filled.

- Carmen

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

What a beautiful testimony to God's faithfulness! Thanks for sharing with us. And, I can hardly wait to see what you put in your stocking. You are so creative and I love it. Blessings abundant to you and yours this holiday season!

Pom Pom said...

I look forward to your posts, Janette! Yay for paychecks!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Praise the Lord!! God loves faithfulness, Janette... He must dance with delight over you and your family. We've been studying Genesis in BSF and about the "tests" Abraham went through... He always blessed faithfulness. xoxo ~ tanna

myletterstoemily said...

and as you fill your stocking, you will
fill ours, too! this is a brilliant idea!

hallelujah for your husband's job! i
missed that bit of info last month.
double halleluja!!


Maryann said...

So encouraging to hear how God has provided for your needs, a testimony to his faithfulness indeed. We also only had 6 for Thanksgiving, older son and grands were at his in-laws. Change is hard.
I totally get what you are talking about with the blogging and Christmas. I am having the same struggle

Dianne said...

It is wonderful to watch God provide--enjoyed reading how He has provided for your family--and of the smaller crowd--

I will look forward to peeking into your stocking-I know it will be stocked with all kinds of "goodies" from the Father.

e-Mom said...

So pleased your husband's unemployment journey has come to an end! The Lord is good, he does provide.

Your decorations are so cheery. Our family is spread to the four winds too, and Thanksgiving was "calm" as well.

Adjusting to the new normal has it's perks... lower food bills, less fussing, and more going out. Honestly, I'm liking it!

Hugs, e-Mom

Debbie said...

Soo glad to hear this news! Yes, our God is good all the time, and to hear how He provides for others is such an encouragement to our souls, so thank you for sharing. Yes, I remember watching our table dwindle as various kids joined their in-laws for the holiday meal. But I think I got it worked out well now so that they all do it every other year, so every other year we are all together. Took some maneuvering, but it works well now. I love the idea of the Christmas stocking and look soo forward to seeing how you'll fill it. I for one am glad you decided to stick around. How I would have missed you, though trust me I get it. Sometimes it is just hard. Hope you enjoy your week!

podso said...

I think our Christmas will be like your Thanksgiving. It is hard to adjust to, but in a small sense, the quieter times are welcome. As I reflect on this coming advent season I want it to be richer in quietness and contemplation. I am grateful for this post of yours and tears are close to the surface as I sense your heart speaking. I am often tempted to stop blogging and then someone makes a comment that makes me realize I should continue. And just a post like this can be such an encouragement to someone else. So I would encourage you to continue through the hard times as it's nice when a blog is real life!

Kathryn Ross said...

Janette - I love the idea of "filling your Christmas stocking"! Looking forward to seeing the blessings stored up there . . .

As to Thanksgiving - mine was decidedly an empty nest. BOTH my children and their spouses (one spouse brand new!)were enjoying Thanksgiving together in New England at my son's home (Dan and Bethany honeymooned in Newport) while Ed and I back in Jersey had his two daughters for the first time (they usually are with their mother). An interesting day as one is newly saved (soooo thankful!) but the other is an avowed atheist with four troubled children under the age of eleven. But, everyone held their tongues and the day went cordially along. A mercy, I suppose.

Anyway - just one more tree to decorate an the house will be ready for December festivities. My daughter is decking the halls and setting up housekeeping in her own apartment - fifteen minutes away. Ah - where have the years flown . . .


Lorraine said...

Rejoicing with you on the provision of employment for your husband! :)

Debbie said...

We are so much alike!! I, too, was thinking about filling that sand pail this summer. It was wonderful. (A little interrupted by our job loss, but wonderful nonetheless.) Like you, I'm so very, very grateful for a pay check. We have received three so far, each just as precious as the one before.

I know it sounds nutty but I also know you understand this: One of the things I'm the most grateful for this year is the job loss as well as the job find. It's not that I enjoyed it. I just got a chance to see my faith in action. That is worthy of thanksgiving.

As to Christmas, I won't have much to post since I'm keeping it simple and doing much of the same stuff.

I was thinking about a list for January. I'll let myself be inspired by you!

Debbie said...

I need to hit the hay.
I'm rambling now...

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Out with autumn and in with Christmas :)

I love your blog


Such good news for your family.

I look forward to seeing how God fills your stocking. And mine, too.



Optimistic Existentialist said...

Thanks for popping over to my blog as well! May I become your newest follower?

Sharon said...

Such good news, Janette. God's providence is a blessing indeed!

Can't wait to see what God fills your stocking with - I just know that He has many good things in store.



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