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Friday, August 10, 2012

Laughter is Good for the Soul

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There are just times we need to laugh.  I think more times than not, we miss out on the benefits of laughter.  It just smooths the souls and lifts the spirit.  Even if that laughter is just shared by oneself, it still can produce the benefits God intended.  Can't you just see our Heavenly Father taking time to belly laugh?

So this week was a looooooooooonnnnnnngggggg week.  You know one of those weeks that you are sure more hours were added to your day and you find yourself exhausted, either emotionally or physically.  I was dragging my emotionally worn out body to the gym to release my stress while taking in good endorphins.  I have been exercising to competing Olympians, which is more than enough motivation to push your limits.

On my drive to the gym, my car radio was on a talk show, which means hubby had been in the car last.  Before I could change the channel, I became enticed by the story the host was sharing.

This is how he evaluates if he will continue to see a doctor or not.  When visiting a new doctor, he fills out all the forms we all have to fill out.  He is highly allergic to different medicines which could cause his death if administered to him.  So in order to tell if the doctor is going to pay attention to his list of "allergic" medicines, he checks the box on the form that should flag the doctor's attention.  When asked:

"ARE YOU OR COULD YOU BE PREGNANT?"... He checks the "yes" box in big marks!!!!!!!!

I am starting to laugh out loud in the car by myself.  He goes on to express in great concern that if the doctor doesn't stop and see that something is wrong for a MAN to be checking off he is pregnant, then he refuses to use that doctor again.

I am continuing to laugh as he goes to express how he chooses his hair dresser...now I must say he pays more for his hair than I do because I have never filled out a form.  He fills out the form asking him what he likes...etc and then he checks:

"Do You Want Extensions?"...He checks YES!!!

If the hair dresser doesn't notice or comment then so long new hair dresser.

Now I was just laughing, visualizing each of these (and let's be fair) in today's politically correct society, could either of these questions be addressed by either person without falling into a trap?


I was refraining from laughing out loud as I entered the gym. I got on my bike and pedaled as if competing in a race while watching synchronized swimming.

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NOW that one got me going!  I mean, come on...dancing in water.....underwater....and upside down!!!

May I just say....I came home having burned off some calories, seeing the world through new eyes, having been energized through laughter and exercise, while being inspired by anyone who can dance underwater upside down.  
May your looooooooonnnnngggg daaaaaaayyyyysssss be filled with laughter as the Father reaches down to encourage you!

Share your funny from this week...I know you have one!

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Steve Finnell said...

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Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Janette, my sweet 4-months-old-today Little Sir has the most wonderful belly laugh! It filled my ears and heart with joy for a week, but I'm now back home in the quiet. Your post this morning made me smile with precious memories. Thank you!

Farm Girl said...

That would be a good way to see if the doctor reads the list. That is so funny. Good for you going to the gym and continuing to work out.
Your heat and ours must be about the same. I keep telling myself that winter will be here soon enough. Thanks as always for your sweet encouraging words.

Kathryn Ross said...

Thanks for the chuckle, Janette. Sorry - just chuckles, today. Really dragging - on deadline for a workshop I'm doing tomorrow, and struggling with some whacked emotions about my daughter's wedding. Do mothers-of-the-bride get cold feet???

Joy - in the journey . . .

Debbie said...

Oh Janette I just couldn't agree more...nothing like a good, hard, sometimes even with tears laugh, haha. Sorry your week has been a long one, but good for you working off stress in the gym. I love it. ENJOY your week-end! HUGS

btw, got your card. Thank you soo much. Brightened my day for sure. You are soo sweet!

Cindy said...

Thanks for the laugh! Have a great weekend.

Debbie Petras said...

Laughter and exercise; what a great combination. And now you've even motivated me to get going. I'm off to get my endorphins going on my treadmill. After all, I need energy for those little ones each day.

Love you,

Pom Pom said...

Funny! Okay, I'm going to do 45 minutes of Wii Zumba now. Thanks for the inspiration!

Vee said...

Wait! You got to see synchronized swimming? When and where was it buried?

The radio talk show host sounds as if he's got a good system for quickly figuring out if a doctor is paying attention. Ditto the hairdresser, though I've never had to answer a form at the hairdresser's. In fact, if I ever did, that would be "the end" right there. =D

Christine said...

Funny??? Not yet, but the week isn't over yet.
I can always tell if my husband has been driving my car, too. It also is talk radio.

Anonymous said...

you are so right -- laugh laugh and more laughing is indeed the best way to change ones mood..
And you lucky you got to see my favorite event - synchronized swimming.. I was not able to see it..bummer! Here goes my Joke for a little laugh.. are you ready because it's a little long..
Ok - so here's the joke: Two Christians and a non-Christian are in a boat, in the middle of a lake and enjoying a pleasant day fishing. One of the Christians puts down his pole and says he has to go the bathroom; immediately, the non-Christian says, "Ok, we can row back to shore" when the Christian says, "No wait. As our Lord walked on the water, so will I." And he steps from the boat and walks across the water to shore and returns a short time later. The non-Christian is amazed but they continue to fish. A little while later, the second Christian says that now he needs to go to the bathroom., Again, the non-Christian offers to row back and again the Christian says, "No wait. As our Lord walked on the water, so will I." And he steps from the boat and walks across the water to shore and returns a short time later. Once more, the non-Christian is amazed but says little and the three return to fishing.

Now, as time passes, eventually the non-Christian has to go - so he mentions it and both Christians insist on rowing to shore, but the non-Christian says "No way - if you can do it, so can I." So he steps off the boat and immediately sinks. While they reach down to save him, the first Christian says to the second - "we really should tell him where the rocks are."

Jill Jones said...

This made me laugh becuase I always have to switch the radio station too-my hubby always listens to talk radio and I always listen to the Christian Radio Station. :0 This story made me laugh-I will have to share it with my hubby-I wonder what the response is to these. Proud of you to be working out-I am doing a new study "Becoming the Woman God Wants me to Be" 90 day study to the Proverbs 31 Life-love it- on day 5 and it is going to cover all areas of our life-getting things in order-praying exercise and eating are two of them for me. :) I laughed so much the day we met-it is good for the soul-lets plan a day again soon-you tell me when is good for you.
Love you

Catherine said...

Dear Janette, Laughter is good for everything. Thank you for this fun post.
I hope all is well and thank you for the visit and thinking of me.
Blessings dear friend. Catherine xoxo

Sonja said...

Oh how I love a good laugh!!

Loved your story, sounds like a great guy!! :)

Mine for the week would have to be our little grandson as their family visited a new church in their new home town. This church had a 'community communion'... everyone went forward to receive the cracker and juice. Ours not only went forward, but did it between the adults and helped himself to a big handful of 'snack crackers'!! It was his first experience with that sort of communion, so he assumed the plate was there to share. :)

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the laughs, Janette! That felt GOOD.

Sally said...

It has, indeed, been a long week. I sure enjoy a good belly laugh but haven't had the pleasure in awhile. We are enjoying the final days of summer.

Brenda Lazzaro Yoder, said...

For a while I couldn't laugh. Now I do as much as I can. Thanks.

Betty said...

Janette, your post left me laughing especially the part of the man checking he is pregnant on the doctor form...one way to get them to notice you...funny.

Laughter is the best meds. Thanks for giving us some good medicine. Blessings

Petra said...

I needed this, the laugh, the gym, the upside down dancing. My new job is great, but I stay exhausted longing for my bed, forfeiting much else. I need the gym. I need to laugh all the way there. I need to feast my eyes on energies of beauty. Thank you!

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Laughing. It is soothing, uplifting and just plain fun. Hanging out with my best friend (my husband) usually results in lots of belly laughs. Even if things are not going as well as I would like, I can always count on our time to together to produce at least some laughter. Tickled to hear you had a humorous and productive day!

Debbie said...

I had a really good belly laugh all by myself reading a twitter feed yesterday. It was political (yet very lighthearted) fun so I won't share the details, but one clever tweet lead to another, and I became more and more amused at the wit.

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