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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yeshua in Hanukkah

One of my greatest joys while home schooling is what I learn.  In my early days of home schooling, I became very interested in the Biblical Feasts and Jewish History.  A home school curriculum has allowed me to further my knowledge while giving practical forms of teaching to my children.

Last night at sunset began the Feast of Hanukkah.  This is one of the seven feasts Jesus celebrated during His life in the Bible.
Each feast points to Christ... either His fulfillment of scripture in His first coming or His fulfillment in His second coming. Those that don't point to Christ are Purim and Hanukkah, as far as fulfillment, which are both based on Jewish historical events - the life of Esther and the Maccabbees.

The history behind Hanukkah is the miracle that took place under the leadership of Judas Maccabee and his followers when they drove out the Syrians and regained control of the Holy Temple.  The altar of the temple had been defiled by the sacrifice of pigs.  After their victory, they cleaned out the temple idols and found one day's supply of oil for the holy lamps.  The miracle that occurred was that the oil burned for eight days. Thus Israel decreed that the re-dedication of the altar be observed each year for eight days.

Many believe that Jesus (the light of the world) could have been conceived during Hanukkah.  The Bible doesn't tell us the exact date. But since the sheep were in the pasture (Luke 2:8), he probably wasn't born in the winter months.  If he was conceived during Hanukkah, then his birth would line up with the Feast of Tabernacles....when Christ came to "tabernacle" with us.

I have tried to bring the feasts into our home.I am not legalistic about this. It is a form of learning more about our Savior.  It has increased my understanding of scripture.  If I am not able to celebrate them to their fullest, I have tried to take time to read with my children the significance of the feasts with the emphasis being that Jesus celebrated them. I want them to understand that Jesus always taught through the feasts to bring the Jews to the understanding that He was the Messiah.
Hanukkah Readings when Lighting a Candle
  • Night One - The Lord is Our Light - Is. 60:19; Ps. 27:1; 2 Sam 21:17
  • Night Two - The Word is Our Light - Ps 119;105; Ps 119:130; Prov. 6:23
  • Night Three - We Should be a Light to Others - Matt 5:16; Luke 11:33; Eph. 5:8; Phil 2:15
  • Night Four - The Light of the Body is the Eye - Luke 11:34; Acts 26:18 
  • Night Five - The Messiah is the Light of the World - John 1:4-5; John 8:12; John 12;35-36
  • Night Six - Paul Saw the Light - Acts 26;12-18
  • Night Seven - If Christ is Your Light, You are No Longer in the Darkness of This World - Eph 5:8-11; I Thess. 5:4-6; I Peter 2:9; Eph 5:11-15; I John 1:5-9
  • We Need to Shine - Phil 2:14-16;

My family and I pray you have a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah season.  May you meet the Light of the World face to face and allow Him to shine through you.  

I have collected many sources through the years on Biblical Feasts and Jewish history.  Today, I used Biblical Holidays by Robin Scarlata...you can click on her name to find more info on her blog.

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Sassy Granny ... said...

I absolutely love the Jewish roots of our Christian beliefs. I am ever reminded that our Savior is a Jew; and that the ancient text were writtien by & for (largely) the Jews.

He is the Light of the World, and on that score we have become one new man!

Merriest & blessed Christmas to you & yours,


Debbie said...

What an interesting study I am sure all of this is. I love hearing about all the Jewish ceremonies and celebrations.

Have a wonderfully blessed and joyous Christmas Janette, and may the new year find you blessed with His richest blessings!

HUGS, Debbie

Mary said...

When my husband was in Bible College, his professor had the class take part in a Passover meal. I roasted a leg of lamb, and other students brought others stuff. A Jewish friend got me some recipes and told me what to do. I made lots of other stuff. It was wonderful, and you could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit at the meal.

Rebecca said...

Yes! The more we know (about the Jewish feasts/history) the more we know about Jesus!

I've wondered where you've been...I took the time to read your last couple of posts and now I know.

Also saw for the first time the explanation of your blog header. Has that (explanation) been there the whole life of your blog????

I pray for joy to your world in the remainder of 2011 and look forward to sharing parts of our lives in 2012.

Sharon said...

I have been schooled!

Janette, I just loved all this information. I was familiar with some of it, but I definitely learned new things. (Please just tell me there isn't going to be a pop quiz!)

I especially enjoyed the readings for Hanukkah. I will copy those down and use them.

Yes, Jesus is the Light of the World - the Light of my life.

Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours, and GOD BLESS!

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

A wonderful and enlightening post. Merry Christmas to you and your family. ...Marsha

Farm Girl said...

I had one too and that was one of my favorite things to do. Yesterday I was looking at my Menorah. I think learning about the Jewish aspect of our faith has been the most rewarding thing in my life. Don't even get me started on Passover. :) My without a doubt favorite Jewish holiday of all, I don't my use of words is okay but my brain won't think anymore.

susanwalkergirl said...

Janette, thank you for sharing, especially the scriptures for each night. This is really special. I love the Jewish heritage and roots that Christianity comes from.

Wishing you a Merry and Joyful Christmas! Susan

Sue said...

To bring this knowledge of the feasts to your family is one of the greatest gifts to give them especially at this time of year, Janette. "Her children rise and call her blessed; Her husband also and he praises her."
You are a blessing to me as well.
Wishing you and your dear family the most blessed Christmas.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

My oldest daughter is fascinated with the biblical feasts as well and they have incorporated Hanukkah into their celebration as well!

God's Word is so rich and so full and anything in it is precious and truth.

love to you Janette!

JillAileenJones said...

Great post dear friend. I was just learning some things about this the other day.
I pray that you have a wonderful, blessed Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Love you

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

You are such a wonderful teacher and example to your children, Janette. They are blessed by your own hunger to learn more about our Lord. Great post. blessings ~ tanna

Sandy said...

I also love learning about the Jewish roots of our Christian beliefs. Our Lord Jesus is a Jew so how could we not want to know all about His heritage. Thanks for taking the time to write all of this for your readers. I enjoyed it so much.
Hope you and your family have a wonderfully blessed Christmas and may we all look forward to what the Lord will do in 2012!

camp and cottage living said...

thank you for sharing this. I did a study of the Jewish traditions many years ago, but had forgotten them in my old age. I neede this refresher course!
Merry Christmas!

Crown of Beauty said...

Janette what a blessing this post is. I do love the Jewish feasts, and want to celebrate as many of them as possible with my family. We have begun doing the Sabbath meal, but due to conflicts in schedules, we have not done it regularly. Hanukkah, I wanted to do that too, last Dec 20 was the first night. But... we do not have a menorah, so this year, I am planning to look for one that has nine candle holders.

I will copy the readings you posted on my file, so we can use them next year.

What an encouraging post this is, Janette.

Have a meaningful Hanukah and Christmas season. It makes sense that Jesus was conceived during Hanukah, and was born during the Feast of the Tabernacles!


Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Very interesting, Janette. I've never taken the time to read about Hanukkah. Fascinating history.

May you and your family have a very blessed, faith-filled and joyous Christmas!

ღ soraya ღ said...

nice post! thank you for sharing...happy holidays...blessings soraya

Pom Pom said...

How lovely, Janette! I enjoyed this post very much!
Merry Christmas, friend!

A multi-dimensional life said...

I love this. Thank you for sharing these beautiful reminders.
May you and your family enjoy a blessed Christmas together!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Merry Christmas dear friend!!! Sarah n I sat and read this together. We always enjoy our "visits" with you. Thank you for providing such a warm n welcoming place to bring my children!

Lisa Richards said...

I loved this post! I've learned so much by studying the Jewish roots of our faith. I've also used curriculum on this subject for homeschooling my children and we studied a little Hebrew. I think now that they are grown,they carry something of those teachings with them. I hope it instilled a love of Israel and our indebtedness to the Jewish people for our Savior.

Karen said...

Hey my friend... I just wanted to swing by and say I hope that you and your family had a blessed and Merry Christmas.. Its been so busy around here,but Im hoping things to slow down and bit now and go back to normal any day now... But I miss ya...and I plan on getting back to my blogging friends on a regular bases now..
luv ya..have a wonderful day..talk to ya soon

Debi said...

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!
Bless you!

ღ soraya ღ said...

Nice post thanks for sharing..blessings from our home to yours...soraya

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