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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Surrender All - Sunday Singings

As I slowly gather up a few of my adult children trophies from all of their accomplishments - sports, music  and varies church activities, my mind wonders back to this song.

Released in the early 90's, prior to the birth of our fifth child, this song entered into my spirit very deeply.  So many of the words spoke my heart then as it does today.  It becomes my prayer once again.(this is not the well known hymn)

The break in this song always caught my mother's heart.  It reminds me not to make my children an idol in my life.
Just like Abraham laid Isaac on a sacrificial fire, if all that I have is all  that you desire...I Surrender All.

I hope you have a chance to hear the song through....even if it isn't your type of music the words are really strong.

Now this partial empty-nester must put away the trophies my children earned, and continue to pray that they too will "Surrender All" to Him.

Thanks for joining me on Sunday Singings.  Happy Reformation Day!

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Farm Girl said...

I have always thought I was in the danger of making my kids into a idol in my life. I still have to fight it.
It is a good reminder to "keep surrendering everything to Him everyday." As Corrie Ten Boom said once," Keep you hands open to Him of all that He gives you, because it is easier to give back than take from a closed fist." I never wanted God to break my hands because I wouldn't give it all back to Him if He asked.
That is very badly paraphrased too. She says it much more eloquently in "The Hiding Place."

I hope you have a lovely day today.

Suzy said...

Wonderful old hymn done very nicely on this video...So many parents do make the children their whole life and when they leave home, they feel that they no purpose anymore.

Sandy said...

I remember this song very well.
I always liked it. It is powerful.
It is hard not to sometimes make
our sweet kids into idols. We love
them so and are so proud of them.
If we remember they don't really
belong to us in the first place
but to the Lord, it will be easier
to surrender them to Him more
Sweet Blessings,

Sonja said...

I've told you this before, but I still think it's true. You are one of the blessed ones, to be only half empty in your nest... your little one reminds me of our 3rd, who was a complete surprise... he's been surprising us all through the years, and he is a joy to all of us! (He's also going to the Rangers-Yankees playoff game tonight!)

This song, and "Just as I am"... can bring a tear the minute I hear them!

Sunday hugs!

Carol said...

It is a continual surrendering, isn't it, when children leave the nest. I surrender Chickie daily, multiple times daily. But I do know I can trust Him. He is faithful and he loves her more than I ever could!

Paula said...

This song is one of my favorites. I posted it on my facebook page recently. I have to daily surrender...not my will but Thine. Thanks for the reminder this Sunday. ((hugs)) Hubby has an interview this Thursday so keep us in your prayers.

Theresa said...

Happy Reformation Day sweet friend :)

Sue said...

Beautiful song and message Janette, we sang the hymn this morning at the invitation at church. I ove both of them. Thanks for sharing.
I read your last post and enjoyed it so much. Tell your little guy, I saw the baby donkey today and she is growing so much.

Amanda said...

This is a lovely song... I hadn't heard it before.

It is hard to let go of our children when we need to, and equally as hard to lay them down as our idols. Idols in that we even gain any validation by how well or 'successful' they turn out... and that can be even how 'good' a Christian they become.

When my oldest walked away from the Lord, at aged 18, I felt like such a failure. So, the opposite would have been true also.

We can only do our best and leave the rest to them and Him.

Great post my dear friend! I love hearing your heart through your posts.

Crown of Beauty said...

Thank you for sharing this song.

I loved the lyrics, and the story of Abraham offering his son Isaac on the alter is one that has ministered to me at a particular crossroads in my life.

I also read your goodbye October post - so beautiful an account of the Lord's faithfulness in your life.

Glad I visited today, Janette.


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