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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Strong and Mighty Tower

The strong and mighty tower, in our family, turns 21 this week.  He entered the world differently than his siblings, assisted instead of naturally.  The pregnancy battled back and forth, with the possibility of early arrival, I fought to keep him close to me.  This quiet spoken peacemaker,please don't raise your voice to me, musically-talented son entered our world the day before Valentines, with the title "the smallest" of the six.

His arrival was announced over the phone to the tune of "My Three Sons" by his musically-talented Dad, to later surpass his Dad's musically abilities.

The first week of his birth blood was drawn, jaundice cured through a sun bed and he never once cried through it all.  His endurance for pain or his calmness continued through two years of ear surgeries.  I always wondered if my allowing the inducing had caused the problems, my lack of patience, the quality that he would possess, caused his early years of pain.  The fruit produced, as God had promised, ears more sensitive then the average person with ability to tune into any melody.

The smallest of the six grew to be the tallest, at this point, of the six, towering over us all. His ability to walk as the middle child still astounds, never fighting for attention, and giving the others the stage they so eagerly desire.

God named this child, Aaron, priestly, and David, kingly.  The only one of the six that I will use both names.  God continues to keep him safe. God continues to fight for his existence here on earth.

Each child is such a gift.  Each a treasure. Each a joy.  I wouldn't trade all the personalities, all the events, all the struggles of mothering six children for any earthly treasures.  Each holds a piece of my heart.

I may cry over earthly frustrations, even question my choices, but never the choice to have children, and never the choice to have a large family.

We will all gather together to celebrate his 21st birthday.  He will gently take all the harassment his siblings give him, and turn the cheek, as is so characteristic of our strong and mighty tower.

I will end the celebration watching all my children, praising God for each one of them, and once again, being reminded that worldly pleasures can not replace the joy of mothering these God given gifts.

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JillAileenJones said...

What a beautiful post Janette-this sounds so much like my Derek. He is such the peace maker-the obedient child-never rocks the boat-is always kind and loving. He takes two of what ever toy he has to the play ground with him always incase he meets a new friend and they want to play. He always does. He is smart and funny and knows it sometimes but doesn't brag about it. He acts so much older than 8 that when he does something at times that and 8 year old would do it shocks me and I have to remember he is only 8. He is wise beyond his years and I pray and know that God has mighty things planned for him.
Thanks for sharing this post about your Strong Tower-it gives a a glimpse into my future and it makes me smile.

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